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Review: 28mm Sandbags by 6 Squared Studios

There are few things that I like more than a deal, and when I came across some of the products currently being produced by 6 Squared Studios, I knew that I found a company that provides fantastic value for the dollar. I saw that they were attending Over the Top: Summer Offensive 2016, so I hopped over to their website and placed an order for pickup at the convention to save on shipping. It really makes me happy to see a company selling miniature gaming items for such affordable prices.
Now check out the sandbags in the picture below. Those sandbags cost me a total of $15.65 (Canadian). For my readers in other countries, that is about $11.90 American or 9.20 British Pounds. In my order, I bought two sandbag barricade corners, two straights and one curve. Because this product is such a great value, I wanted to share a review with my readers.
At $15.65 these sandbags from 6 Squared Studios are a great value. That is a lot of terrain for such a small price. In the picture above I have mixed some WW2 British soldiers holding the line against a small band of Chaos Cultists. This is a versatile enough of a product that I can see it being used in 40K, Bolt Action or any other game that can make use of 28mm sandbags. Perhaps the figures above are there in preparation for a game of Konflikt ’47.  🙂
Two straight sandbag pieces and two corners gives over a foot of terrain. This doesn’t even include the curve piece that I also bought.

I know Pegasus Hobbies also makes sandbag barricades at an affordable price, but it has been years since I have last seen that product in my local retail stores. Unlike Pegasus Hobbies, the barricades by 6 Squared Studios do not come pre-painted. That said, it took me under an hour to paint all 5 of my barricades (not counting drying time).

These models come unpainted. I had to do some minor clean up along the bottom of the piece, but other than that, they were perfect out of the bag.
To prime them, I painted them with two coats of black paint.
I used craft store paints to paint this piece. To start, I dry-brushed on two coats of a Latte colour.
The corner piece after two coats of Latte.
Next I coated it with two dry brush coats of Maple Sugar Tan. I took care of these layers to make it stronger on the top than the bottom to give the effect of light coming from the top. I still plan to seal the pieces with Varnish, but that is something that I like to do with all of my models as a matter of personal taste.
This is how the wall looks completed. I bought this piece for $3.49 Canadian and it took under an hour’s worth of work to paint all 5 terrain pieces. I am very happy with how my Sandbags look, especially at that price point.
This is one of the straight pieces. I took the picture from a higher angle so one can see the top of the model.
This is the completed curve. Now, I would like to discuss this piece further. I really like this product, but the one criticism that I have about the product is that the pieces are long. For people trying to build out a table quickly with fortifications, having the pieces a little long is great. It fills out the table faster.

The only criticism that I have of these products are that the curve and corner pieces are a little long. For those trying to fill out a table quickly, that is a bonus. Some people in my gaming circles like having their fortifications to perfectly fit a 60mm base. For those people, this corner piece will be too large. For me, I am after good looking products to quickly fill my table, so this set is perfect for me. The larger size also gives some interesting ideas for play as you can fit items that may be too large for other companies’ products behind the wall.

This wall can fit a 60mm and 25mm base side by side.
In fact, an entire tank front can be hidden behind this wall.
View of the curve piece from behind.
All 5 of the sandbag fortifications that I bought strung together in a line. Looks like a great way to fill out a World War Two table to me. It would also make a great “Defense Line” for a popular sci-fi game out there and the guys from 6 Squared Studio even managed to place them into their Frostgrave game that they hosted at Over the Top.

Now I will showcase this product with some models in the mix. These products are generic enough that they can really fit into just about any genre. There are no decorative pieces that distinguish them as belonging to a certain time or period. They fit in perfectly with WW2 and would also fit in well with a certain sci-fi game out there. For a fantasy game, the bags are generic enough that they could be described as stacked bags of grain making an impromptu fortification rather than as sandbags. I really think that 6 Squared Studios has a good product here that is worth sharing and buying into.

Some Chaos Cultists charging a British defensive line. I am thinking of using these models as Fanatical Germans if I get into Konflikt ’47.
A close up of a figure running in front of the tank. Could be a very bad day for that raider.
For those that want more a sci-fi feel without historical figures, below are some pictures of the product with just the Chaos Cultists.
Sandbag Terrain for 40K by 6 Squared Studios
I hope that you enjoyed this review of Sandbag Barricades by 6 Squared Studios. If you did, check out their website to find all sorts of fantastic deals. They really offer fine products for an affordable price. To keep up on my latest posts or to see previews of what is coming in the future, head on over to the Facebook Page for Must Contain Minis and Give it a Like.
To end this article, I wanted to show another product that I bought from 6 Squared Studios at a fantastically affordable price. $3.49 for 25 bases. For those that buy bases, they will know that this is a good price.  🙂
As another example of the value that the company brings to the table, I bought these 25-25mm round bases from them for $3.49.
Just a close up one of the bases from the bag. These bases work great for me.

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