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28mm Wrecked House Review by Warlord Games for Bolt Action

In this post, I review and showcase my 28mm Wrecked House for Bolt Action by Warlord Games. Right off the top, it is a nice model. That said, I do have a few criticisms that I will get into further into the review.

The model itself took paint well and I painted it with my standard craft paints that I like to use for terrain. Like the other pieces, I gave it a black undercoat, two colours of grey and some brown. This model also features some off-white on the walls, latte colour for the sandbags and rust for the metal pieces. Of course, I primed it with Gesso first.

Showcasing The Wrecked House

Below are a series of pictures that I took of the wrecked house.

28mm Wargame Terrain Review City Fight for Bolt Action
This little 28mm terrain piece offers lots of little places for your soldiers to hide.
Painted Wargame Terrain Review for Bolt Action
The piece looks pretty nice, but if you look at the stair case, you will see a mold line that I should have cleaned before painting.
Warlord Games Terrain Review for 28mm Bolt Action
The building comes with lots of sandbags to hide behind.
Warlord Games Wrecked House Review
This little 28mm house painted up fairly quickly.

Overall, the piece looks pretty good – even with just a quick paint job.

The Review

As stated above, this model looks good. That said, it is not without its faults. In my mind, the biggest fault is its scale. This piece is smaller than the Bolt Action Miniatures. Check out those poor Bolt Action figures in the house. They don’t even fit through the doors without bending as they enter. To me, the building looks to be 1/72 in scale rather than 1/56 when compared to the figures.

Bolt Action Terrain Review and Showcase
The scale of this model looks off to me given the Bolt Action Figures sizes and proportions. This is especially apparent when you look at the size of the doors compared to the figures.
Scale of Warlord Games Wrecked House
A look at the model with soldiers on the top floor and in the bottom door. Please note that the two Forward Observer figures are on thicker bases than the other miniatures.

My other criticism of this terrain model is its size. Personally, I like larger terrain that fit 10 man squads. This building holds 8 models on the bottom floor and two on the top.

Scale of Wrecked House by Warlord games
The top floor can hold one two man team. The main floor holds an 8 man squad comfortably.
Warlord Games Wrecked House Review - 28mm wargame terrain
If you are running 10 man squads, that means that two figures will not fit in this kit on the ground floor.

On the plus side, this model is easy to build, quick to paint and feels sturdy. It also looks good.

What I like about the model

  • Easy to build
  • Feels sturdy
  • Quick to paint
  • Looks good

What I don’t like

  • The scale seems off from the miniatures
  • I like my terrain models to be larger to fit more miniatures
Terrain size comparison 28mm Bolt Action Ruins
A quick comparison of scale between the Warlord Games wrecked house (on the left) and the Six Squared Studios ruined building that I recently reviewed (on the right).

Wrapping it up…

To reiterate from previous posts, I do not assign scores to my reviews. The reason for this is because what I like, others do not and vice-versa. The important thing to me is that you walk away knowing more about the product so you can make an informed decision. For example, while I complain about the size of the building, I know a number of people prefer 1/72 over 1/56 terrain for 28mm gaming simply because they prefer the size. They like that the buildings occupy less of the table. It all comes down to personal preference rather than absolutes.

For me, the model is nice enough, but I wish it was of a bigger scale and size. The terrain piece actually came to me as part of the Bolt Action starter set that I bought some time ago.

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick review and showcase of Warlord Games‘ Wrecked House.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Greg

    Hi your efforts are excellent. The model is in fact a 1/72 scale model from Italeri just repackaged for Warlord and at double the price.

  2. John McLennan

    Well spotted on the scale – it is in fact the Italeri 1/72 kit with a Bolt Action sticker. So is the church.

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