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My Birthday Haul – 2019

Last year for my Birthday, I took the day off work and built models. This year, I went to broadsword 8 (a local gaming convention) and bought myself some stuff. On top of that, I outfitted my office with furniture. In today’s post, I look at what I received (or bought myself) for my Birthday.

Outfitting the Must Contain Minis Office

I bought the furniture of the Must Contain Minis office closer to Christmas time than my Birthday. That said, the understanding is that this furniture would serve as part of my Birthday present. It makes for a pretty nice looking hobby area.

This is my Hobby Desk for Building, Painting and Photographing Miniatures.

Next, I bought a vinyl liner for the top of the desk to protect the surface. I then looked into a miniature building (and painting) organization system to go on top of the desk. HobbyZone.PL was kind enough to send me an entire Modular Workshop System to go on my desk as a review product. A large thank you goes to them for sending this along. Their product is high quality and beautiful. Plus it matches my desk perfectly. Check it out.

HobbyZone Desk
That’s my painting area. Simply stunning!!! I couldn’t be happier. If you want to know more about HobbyZone products, please check out the section of our website dedicated to them.

That setup is an absolutely awesome Birthday present.

Of course, on top of acquiring the items in the picture above, my wife and I had to find room in the house to do this. So, thanks also goes out to Mrs. Must Contain Minis for carving out a room for my painting, building and blogging. We are still working on an area for my gaming. It is going to be really awesome once everything is done.

The items above would have likely sufficed, but I also took some money to a local gaming convention to buy myself a few more items. These items I also consider presents to myself for my Birthday.

Broadsword Purchases

Below is a picture of all the items I acquired close to my Birthday. In truth, not all the items are from Broadsword. One of the items actually came for review and just arrived around the time of my special day. Let’s take a closer look at the haul.

Must Contain Minis Birthday Presents for 2019
Above are the items I got at Broadsword – although one of the items I had mailed to me though from Osprey Games.

I gave myself the budget of $50 when I went to Broadsword with the intent of spreading it around the vendors to buy products to demo on this site. Six Squared Studios was very good to me as they gave me a lot of prototype demo products to go with the terrain that I purchased. They did not know that I was celebrating my Birthday. They did that because they know of my website.

Six Squared Studios

Check these items out…

28mm Terrain - Rock Out Croppings
These are the rock outcroppings that I bought from them. Some nice scatter terrain to go around the battlefield. The rest of the items below Six Squared Studios gave to me because of the website.
28mm Loot Crate Miniature Terrain
A new prototype loot crate. This thing is sizable and cool. You can’t see it here, but there are guns modeled around it so the case is meant for modern games.
A view of the loot crate from the front. I increased the brightness on this one in an effort to show some more of the details. The green is left over residue from the modeling process (and this is still a prototype of a future model).
28mm Boat by Six Squared Studios
Lately I have really enjoyed prepping ships for 28mm gaming. I have some naval plans for Must Contain Minis in the future. This boat is of similar size to a Blood & Plunder long boat. Not too bad. I wonder how much it will sell for. It seems pretty nice to me.
Black Sun Portal Terrain for 28mm Gaming
This very large piece is a prototype gate portal for Black Sun by Crucible Crush. I could see this item also being used as a magic alter or as a summoning stone. The terrain piece is made by Six Squared Studios.

On top of picking up some terrain pieces from Six Squared Studios, I also talked to them about what they have in the works. They have some really cool 3D printed terrain coming and more resin terrain too. This is a company to keep your eye on.


One of my absolute favourite companies is Osprey Games. I love their systems and that their games are miniature agnostic. While they are miniature agnostic, many of their games have official miniatures too. One of Must Contain Minis’ most popular posts is my preview of the Frostgrave Female Soldiers. Now, I finally own a box. I bought them from Crucible Crush at the convention. Osprey Games was then kind enough to send me a preview copy of Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Cities of Bronze. Thanks for sending that. I am really looking forward to checking that book out.

Birthday Haul - Must Contain Minis
I got a couple of Frostgrave items for my Birthday. One is a preview copy of a book not yet released and the other is a box of female soldiers. Of course, Osprey Games did not know that it was my Birthday. I am very happy that they sent the Cities of Bronze book. It arrived very close to my actual birth-date too.  🙂

Full Battle Rattle Miniatures

One company that I have watched for a few years now, but had not bought anything from yet was Full Battle Rattle Miniatures. They specialize in Modern Canadian Soldiers. I especially love their LAV model. It looks brilliant.

I bought a pack of infantry to test the company out. Below is a picture of those figures.

Full Battle Rattle Miniatures test figures
This is a cool set. They would have looked better if I gave them an ink wash before the picture, but I am sure that they will paint up well. I could envision using them as survivors in a few different miniature agnostic games.

Tally-Ho Games

This next item was a bit of a pleasant surprise to me. A guy at the convention gave me a set of three preview miniatures for an upcoming Kickstarter Project by Tally-Ho Games. The project will likely go live on Tuesday (May 14, 2019). In it you play as a hunter or hunt saboteur. One group is hunting foxes while the other is trying to distract the hounds and let the fox go free. The miniatures are actually kind of neat. Check them out…

Hunt Saboteur miniature - Tally Ho Games
A shot of the fox, hound and saboteur miniatures coming to Kickstarter soon from Tally-Ho Games.
Fox, Hound and Hunt Saboteur miniatures 28mm - tally ho games
A look at the reverse side of the models.

The minis look pretty neat and it is nice to get some minis of a fox and hound. I could see the Hunt Saboteur pulling double duty as a modern or post-apocalyptic figure for other games. I guess the fox and hound could make nice familiars for Dungeons and Dragons or other games where animal miniatures are beneficial.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this post looking at my Birthday Haul. I had a lot of fun attending Broadsword and am very happy with all that I brought home. The office is also extremely awesome.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Congrats, it looks like an awesome birthday haul (but then, you already knew… it’s almost like cheating! 😛 )

    I really want those female Frostgrave soldiers. I need some adventurer lasses in my warbands! I also want the wizards box, do you own it?

    Those modern soldiers look pretty cool, though maybe too well armed for a zombie apocalypse. Survivors must always look like a rag tag bunch, it’s one of the rules.

    I like the dog from the Tally-Ho sprue.

    Happy birthday!

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks very much Andres. I don’t own the Wizards box yet. Perhaps someday. Haven’t seen it at my local dealers yet.

      Yea… I kind of knew what I was getting for my Birthday, but it still feels good. 🙂

      I am painting up the Tally-Ho minis now.

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