Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s Panzer IVs

Today, we are going back to Flames of War and looking at some more of Brenden’s Painted Models. Here we have his collection of Panzer IVs.

Flames of War Panzer IV showcase

Like me, Brenden often runs Grenadier Armies, but we have quite different tastes in tanks. My forces rely on StuGs, Jagdpanthers and Stationary Guns while Brenden tends to go more for fortified Infantry Platoons and better mobile assets like these Panzer IVs.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
Here Brenden did a nice job with some battle Damage on one of the Panzers.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
A nicely camouflaged tank.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
I turned the turret to the side to show off some of the front details. Looks good to me.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
A nice job was done painting and weathering these tanks by hand.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
A damaged Panzer relying on some camouflage elements to keep it out of trouble.


Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
Another look at the same tank.
Flames of War Panzer IV (4)
Nice details over the entire tank.

I would like to quickly thank Brenden again for allowing me to take photos of his German army. The miniatures look great and allow me to share with the web units that I would otherwise not have access.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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