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Flames of War Diorama Basing – Russians

Ever think of basing your Flames of War miniatures up as a diorama? Brenden Brown continues to work hard on doing exactly that. Let’s take a look at his latest pictures and work on 15mm Flames of War Miniatures.

As a note, all of the pictures, painting and basing work in this post are all by Brenden Brown.

Diorama Basing

When I played Flames of War, I liked that I could think of each base as a mini diorama. Brenden took that to the next level. Check this out. The whole platoon is a diorama!

Russian SMG Platoon painted by Brenden Brown
A Russian SMG platoon running through some yards
Flames of War Diorama Basing
Check this out… A higher view of the SMG Platoon. Wait a second… This is an entire Russian SMG company – not just a platoon!

I love the details that Brenden put into his models and their basing. He made the entire company so the models fit together as one big diorama. That diorama even tells its own story. You have some models advancing through the yards of homes and others in a ruined apartment building. It looks fabulous.

It doesn’t stop there though!

Flames of War Diorama Basing Miniatures for wargaming
Look at this, Brenden matched the terrain up exactly with the Strelkovy Platoon that he made earlier. Incredible!
Basing an entire Flames of War army as a diorama
Check out how they look from another angle. Wow! That is some mighty fine attention to detail!

Talking to Brenden

So I asked Brenden to quickly tell me a bit about his project and the units he painted. Below is his response.

This is a Russian SMG company, with 2 added flame throwers. They are some of the latest plastics from BF. Again the basing is scrap MDF, textured plastic card, match sticks, some printed paper for carpet. To me any junk can be useful for terrain and basing. Vallejo paints. Base colour, wash with Argax or Nuln, base, sharp highlights and we good.

Facebook Chat with Brenden Brown – August 26, 2020

More Pictures

Below are more pictures of Brenden’s excellent work. Keep in mind these are 15mm miniatures. I think they look fantastic

Close up of 15mm WW2 Russian SMG infantry miniatures
Look at the details on these excellent 15mm miniatures and basing materials.
Russian 15mm SMG Company for WW2 Gaming
Brenden’s photography skills keep getting better and better.
Flames of War Diorama Basing - 15mm WW2 Minaitures
How great are these pictures? Some nice depth of field going on here.
Flames of War 15mm WW2 Russian SMG Company Miniatures
Lots of attention to detail. Even those stairs are awesome.

These pictures look amazing!!! What do you think?

Wrapping it up…

Thanks for joining me in this look at Brenden’s awesome work. His basing of his Flames of War company as a large diorama is absolutely incredible. Feel free to mention in the comments below what you think of this concept of basing your army as a continuous diorama, and what you think of Brenden’s work.

Special thanks goes out again to Brenden Brown for taking the time to talk to me about his project and for sharing his photos for the readers of Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!