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Brenden’s Strelkovy Platoon (Naval) – Flames of War

Recently a good friend of mine sent out some great looking Flames of War pictures. Being that they looked so great, I asked if I could share them on Must Contain Minis. In this post, I share with you Brenden Brown’s Strelkovy Platoon for Flames of War. These figures are part of Russia’s World War 2 forces.

Brenden Brown took all of the pictures and did all of the painting in this post. Now, let’s check out those pictures!!!

The Strelkovy Platoon

The Strelkovy were Russian Naval infantry used in amphibious landings and nicknamed “Black Death” by the Germans because of their uniforms.

A Platoon of Russian Strelkovy soldiers for Flames of War.
A Platoon of Russian Strelkovy soldiers for Flames of War.

Aside from participating in amphibious assaults, the Strelkovy were also known for defending cities.

Strelkovy city defenders - Flames of War
Some Russian Naval Soldiers defend a city in Flames of War.
15mm Strelkovy Platoon by Battlefront Miniatures for Flames of War. Painted by Brenden Brown.
Charging through the city in a game of urban defense.

For more on the history of Soviet Naval Infantry, check out Battlefront’s Intelligence Briefing Page for the Black Death.

A Platoon as a Diorama

You many have noticed above, but check out Brenden’s unique approach to this Strelkovy Platoon. He actually made the entire platoon as a diorama!!!

Flames of War - Basing an entire Platoon as a Diorama.
Check out that basing!!! An amazing job by Brenden Brown!!!
A look at the same group, but from the back of the diorama.

Now these models look incredible from a top down view, but they look even better from a model’s eye view.

A mass of Russian Soldiers rush to defend against the enemy.
Strelkovy Platoon for Flames of War - 15mm Russian Infantry Miniatures - Painted showcase
A very nice looking Platoon.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick Flames of War showcase. Thanks goes out to Brenden Brown again for allowing me to share his work on this website.

I really like how he based out the game figures as recommended for Flames of War, but also made the entire unit into a diorama. Just incredible!!!

For more work by him, check out his painter’s page on Must Contain Minis.

The miniatures in this post are manufactured by Battlefront for Flames of War. Their website contains a wealth of articles and products for your 15mm WW2 gaming table.

Until next time… Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Miniatures painted by Brenden Brown - 15mm WW2 wargaming
What an awesome Game Platoon done up as a playable diorama for Flames of War.

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  1. Andrés F.

    Nice pictures! I really like the urban bases for these Soviet Naval Infantry dudes.The idea of having all the bases come together in a puzzle-diorama is excellent. I’ve never seen anything like this in years of wargaming. Very clever.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the comment Andres. Always like hearing from you. Brenden certainly did a nice job with these minis. I never thought of doing my minis as a large diorama either (outside of objective markers or individual bases for Kings of War or Flames of War). The fact that he did a large group of them as a puzzle diorama is so cool.

      Thanks again for the comment!!!

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