Final Days – Fat Dragon Games Sale

Final Days – Fat Dragon Games Sale

This post is to let you know that the Fat Dragon Games sale that I wrote about earlier this month is coming to an end. If you want to pick up some STL 3D Printer Terrain Files or PDF Paper Terrain at a big discount, get in on this before the end of May.

The sale is now over, but you can still pick up great Fat Dragon Games products on DriveThruRPG.

Revisiting the Sale…

Last time, I wrote about all of the kits that I bought. I don’t have a 3D printer yet, but I hope to get one. I figured I would stock up on the files now while they are on sale. When I checked out the sale again, I picked up some more 3D Printer terrain packages. Below are the ones that I purchased.

The biggest of these kits is the Realm of the Mountain King.

Realm of the Mountain King 3D Printer Files
A golden hall belonging to the Mountain King of the Dwarf’s Hold. Image from DriveThruRPG.

This STL file set contains 20 different dwarf themed dungeon tiles and some sort of Monster. I don’t know what type of Monster that is yet, but if you know, please let me know in the comments below.

Fat Dragon Games Sale - Dwarf Kings Hold - Dwarf Hallways - STL 3D Printer Files
A rendering of the 3D models that come in Fat Dragon’s Realm of the Mountain King 3D printer file set. Image from DriveThruRPG.

I also picked up a swarm of rats for a dollar Canadian. That is under $1 USD.

Evil Rat Miniatures in the Fat Dragon Games Sale
The models in the Giant Rats and Rat Swarm STL download. Image from DriveThruRPG.

Finally, I picked up a giant Alter of Evil to complete the collection. This one was also for under $1 American.

An Evil Altar for under $1? Okay! Image from DriveThruRPG.

These three purchases are on top of the others that I made earlier. This rounds up a pretty extensive collection of STL files from Fat Dragon Games. Now I just have to get my hands on a 3D Printer. lol.

Wrapping it up…

This post is just a quick reminder that the sale for Fat Dragon Games Terrain is coming to an end soon on DriveThruRPG. For now, they are the featured sale and you get 50% off of their entire library. This includes both Paper Craft Terrain and 3D Printer Terrain.

Update: The sale is now over, but you can still pick up great Fat Dragon Games products on DriveThruRPG.

The sale ends at the end of May, so act fast if you are interested in 50% off.

Finally, Fat Dragon Games will be kicking up a new Kickstarter very soon. You can follow their project page to get a notification for when it goes live. Below is a teaser of what might be coming.

The preview image for Fat Dragon Game’s newest project coming to Kickstarter.

Unit next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

DriveThruRPG Art Book Sale

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