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Printer Terrain Sale

Do you have a paper or 3D printer? If so, Fat Dragon Games and DriveThruRPG has a sale going on right now that could help you fill a table with terrain. They are now selling the entire library of 3D Printer STL files and Paper Terrain by Fat Dragon Games for half off!!! That’s right, it is a huge Printer Terrain Sale!!!

Update: The sale is now over, but you can still pick up great Fat Dragon Games products on DriveThruRPG.

Paper Terrain for 28mm miniatures games - Ruined Wizards Tower
This is one of Fat Dragon Games’ paper craft towers. This one has accessible interiors and options to print it off intact or in ruins. Winterhawk: The Watchtower.
Printer Terrain Sale - 3D printer tower for 28mm miniatures
Here is Fat Dragon Game’s 3D printer version of a tower. This one can also be built in ruins or in good shape. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Tower of Terror.

As you can see above, many of the offerings that Fat Dragon Games has in paper, they also have available for 3D Printers. Most of their terrain models, including both of the models above, have fully accessible interiors. That is a feature that I really look for in my terrain.

Now, this printer terrain sale is really exciting. I have already taken advantage of it and bought a number of files to work with in the future. Today I want to share with my readers news of this sale, as well as a bit about Fat Dragon Games and my dreaming of owning a 3D printer.

Paper Dungeon Terrain for 28mm gaming - Printer Terrain Sale
A look at some cool modular dungeon tiles made out of paper. E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition.

Fat Dragon Games

Fat Dragon Games publishes Paper Terrain and 3D Printer STL files for miniatures games and RPGs. Years ago, I bought a lot of their paper terrain when I used to play Role Playing Games. Now that I play predominantly miniatures games, I still see their value in filling a tabletop quickly with terrain at little cost. Over the past few years, Fat Dragon Games has led the way in developing gaming tiles and terrain for 3D printers.

They make terrain for Dungeon Crawls, Starship Crawls, buildings and more. These “kits” are sized for 28mm to 30mm miniatures. Their 3D printer file system is modular and you put together the printed pieces together in a way kind of like Lego. With these tiles, you can make whatever you can imagine.

Printer Terrain Sale - 28mm Terrain like Lego
A look at some tiles of the DRAGONLOCK system. Using clips, you snap these tiles together to create anything that you can imagine. This is one of their sci-fi sets. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Starships Part 1.

Lately, I find myself dreaming a lot of owning a 3D printer. In the past, friends printed off models for me to review, but I would really like to print my own. A bit preemptively, I bought myself $160 worth of STL files from Fat Dragon Games during this sale.

Now, I must admit that I put the “cart before the horse” because I do not yet own a 3D printer. That said, this printer terrain sale is really good and I didn’t want to pass it up.

What Caught my Eye

I’ve been a fan of Fat Dragon Games for years. Even back when they were just a company for paper and card-stock terrain. What I am most interested in today is their DRAGONLOCK tile System for 3D printers.

As for what would be best for Wargamers, I think the Village Houses, The Village Defenses and the Castle Starter Set are all good areas to look at first.

3D Printed Wooden Defenses for 28mm gaming.
I could picture these defenses in use for any number of historical or fantasy games. Very cool! DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Village Walls & Gate.
Printer Terrain Sale - Dragonlock houses
A house built out of DRAGONLOCK tiles. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Village Buildings 2.
Printer Terrain Sale - 3D Castle
One of the many 3D printer castles that you can make with DRAGONLOCK Tiles. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Castle Starter Set.

What I Bought

Overall, these are very cool items and I wish I could buy them all.

What I was after for now is terrain to recreate a dungeon delving experience and to recreate an X-Com style “breach the crashed UFO” type scenario. I ended up purchasing the DRAGONLOCK dungeon starter set, a number of expansions for it, the complete Starships collection, and the Tower of Horror pictured at the top of this article.

Printer Terrain Sale - 3D Printed Dungeon Tile System
This is Dungeon Starter Set is one of the many file sets I bought during this sale. I am imagining using them for Frostgrave. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Dungeon Starter Set.
Printer Terrain Sale - 3D Printer Space Shuttle Craft
This lander caught my eye. In the instruction manual, it looks to have an accessible interior. I think I might use it as a deployment area for a Skirmish game sometime. DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Starships Part 2.

Buying a 3D Printer

3D Printers are becoming more prevalent today than they once were. You can buy them easily from computer stores and even Amazon.

That said, many of these printers come as kits you might have to build yourself, and there is a lot to learn. I’ve even read that sometimes the printers end up needing small repairs and replacement parts. I think I will take my time before getting into this, but I am enjoying collecting STL files for now.

For those that just want to get started, Fat Dragon Games tends to endorse the following 3D printers: The Creality Ender 3, the Creality Ender 5, and the Creality CR10. These are low cost 3D printers that apparently do a good job on The DRAGONLOCK models.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed reading today’s article. If you didn’t know about Fat Dragon Games’ 50% off sale, give it a look. Lots of great Paper Terrain and 3D printer files there all on sale at a great price. In fact, I even took advantage of this printer terrain sale and bought myself some models that I hope to use someday.

As mentioned before, I am a fan of Fat Dragon Games. How about you? How have your experiences been with their products?

The sale is now over, but you can still pick up great Fat Dragon Games products on DriveThruRPG.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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