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Review – HobbyZone Drawers Module x 4 (OMs01a) makes absolutely awesome organizational items for your workshop or hobby area. If you are looking for a premium looking workspace for your hobby area, this company can help you out. In this post, we take a closer look and review the HobbyZone Drawers Module x 4 (OMs01a).

In the interest of full disclosure, shipped me this unit as part of a larger set up for review.

HobbyZone Desk
A look at my HobbyZone work area for building and painting miniatures. Today we are taking a closer look at the four drawer module under the Gorilla Glue. Image from the Must Contain Minis site category for HobbyZone.

Now, let’s get in on the HobbyZone OMs01a Review.

Unboxing the OMs01a

Below are a couple of pictures of opening the box.

Opening a HobbyZone OMs01a Box
When you open the HobbyZone OMs01a, you are greeted by some nicely packaged contents and an instruction sheet.
HobbyZone OMs01a Review
Those white pieces are what made my wife ask me to get a HobbyZone system over other brands. She just likes the clean look of the products.

Building the HobbyZone OMs01a

Putting together the 4 drawer module was fairly straight forward. HobbyZone recommends that you use painters tape to hold the pieces together while the glue dries. I used elastics instead.

Using Gorilla Glue on the Hobby Workshop
When taking on a project like this, I reach for Gorilla Glue. It just seems to work well.
Building drawers
This is over kill, but I tossed elastics all over this unit while it dried for the tightest fit.
HobbyZone OMs01a Review
I then put together those little drawers also using the elastics. That brush there, I use for the glue and I just paint it on where I want. No special mixture. Just straight up wood glue.

The Finished Product

After putting it all together, below is how the unit looks.

HobbyZone OMs01a Review - 4 Drawer Module
A look at the finished module. Beautiful!

Using magnets to click the unit together with others, you can securely set up your own HobbyZone Modular Workstation.

I use these drawers to hold hobby supplies. They work well, and look great.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this HobbyZone OMs01a Review. Like the rest of the system, the module is both practical and beautiful. It just looks so good on the worktable. Check it out…

HobbyZone Workshop Modular System for miniature painting with Blood and Plunder ships
A picture of my hobby table in use. You can see I have clothes pins and other supplies in the Drawers Module x 4 (OMs01a). Image from a review of Blood and Plunder Boats.

Special thanks goes out again to for sending me this product for review. If you are interested in seeing more reviews and pictures of their other modules, I have a number of pages about HobbyZone.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!