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Oathmark Review of Elf Light Infantry

I’ve had my eye on the Elf Light Infantry plastic miniatures by North Star Military Figures for some time. In fact, I wrote a quick preview post about this very product. North Star Military Figures produced these miniatures in partnership with Osprey Games for Oathmark.

For more on Oathmark, take a look at my Oathmark section on my website. For now though, come join me in this review of Elf Light Infantry for Oathmark by North Star Military Figures.

Disclaimer: North Star Military Figures sent Must Contain Minis a box of Elf Light Infantry for review purposes. While we accept review products, we are in no other way compensated for the posts on Must Contain Minis and reserve the right to give positive and negative reviews. Regardless, this review will give you a better idea of the product.

Now, let’s take a closer look!

The Packaging

Oathmark Box Art for Elf Light Infantry.
As with all of the Oathmark and Frostgrave plastic miniatures box sets, you get some nice artwork on the cover.
Oathmark Elf Light Infantry packaging - back of box.
On the back of the box, they give you a small write up of the product, a diagram of how the figures go together, and a picture of some painted minis.

What’s in the Box

Open up the box and you find six identical sprues as well as thirty 25mm square bases.

Rendera square 25mm bases for Oathmark
30 bases come in the box.
Elf Light Infantry Sprue for Oathmark - Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures
The plastic sprues of the Elf Light Infantry for Oathmark. I cut off a bit of the bottom of the frame, but you will see the backs in the next picture.
Plastic frame for
And the back of the plastic frames.

As you can see, you get weapon options to equip all of your miniatures with either all bows and arrows or all sword and shield.

Given 30 miniatures per box, each box gives you enough to build a minimum of a unit and half of figures. In Oathmark you can group your infantry into units of 5 to 20 miniatures.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the miniatures I built.

Built Miniatures

To give the miniatures a go, I built up my first 10 figures for this review. Despite building just 10 to start, I already know how I am going to build the unit. I plan to build 10 Rangers (bow and hand-weapon) and 20 Pathfinders (hand-weapon and shield).

Plastic Path finders made from Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures Elf Light Infantry set for Oathmark
The first five Light Elf Infantry miniatures that I built for Oathmark. If you look at the standard bearer, you might see a mistake I made.
I accidentally built the standard on the standard bearer backwards.
The back of the standard bearer. I made the mistake that I glued the standard on backwards.
Oathmark Light Elf Standard Bearer
With the glue not fully set, I ripped the standard off and flipped it the right way.
Oathmark Elf Ranger with two swords - made from the Elf Light Infantry Plastic Boxed set by Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures
I managed to make this model nicely with two swords instead of a shield.
An Elf Ranger for Oathmark
A number of different heads come with the kit. I really like these hoods with mask coverings.
A side look at the miniature.
Another masked head. Each sprue comes with two masked helmet heads and two masked hood heads. The helmets and hoods also have three heads each per sprue without masks.

Rather than showing all of the minis, I am going to stop there. I plan to make all of my 10 Rangers with masks and the 30 Pathfinders without hoods. So far, I really like how the minis look. They come with plumes for the helmets, but I am not going to use them. They look good without.

Scale Comparison

As with all of my miniature reviews, I like to give my readers a sense of scale for the miniatures. They are 28mm, but how do they fit in with other manufacturers? Below are two quick pictures to show you.

Kitbashing a Bolt Action rifle onto an Oathmark Light Infantry Body. I am not sure why you would want to combine the two, but they fit together nicely.
Kitbashing a Bolt Action rifle onto an Oathmark Elf Light Infantry body. I am not sure why you would want to combine the two, but they fit together nicely. Likewise, the models fit together very well with Frostgrave kits for those who want to Kitbash.
Scale Comparison of Oathmark Light Elf Infantry to Games Workshop, Frostgrave and Reaper Miniatures
Left to Right… Sig Marine (GW), Oathmark, Frostgrave, Oathmark, Reaper Miniatures.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, my review of plastic Elf Light Infantry miniatures for Oathmark made by North Star Military Figures.

Overall, they are very nice miniatures. I can see them being used in Oathmark, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Frostgrave and any number of other games too. Aside from the 5 heads with just hair, you don’t really see their ears. Their proportions are also pretty human like, so I think you could even proxy them as human models if you want.

Before ending, I have to thank North Star Military Figures again for sending the miniatures in for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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