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Blood and Plunder Canoa and Piragua – Work in Progress

In my last post, I took a quick look at a couple of pieces of terrain that I was working on a few months ago. Those pieces include a fire-pit and steel barrier. In this post, I am going to show what is currently on my painting table right now. As a note, I am not a showcase or commission painter. My goal is for tabletop quality. I also like to encourage people that are not experts to share their work as well. In this post, we will take a look at my Canoa and Piragua as painted by me and manufactured by Firelock Games.

The Canoa

The Canoas are a quick and easy model to paint. To complete the work you see below, I primed the model with Gesso, Painted with Ceramcoat Latte and then Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade. I then followed up with a couple of dry-brushed coats of Latte paint. I left the inside of the Canoa without any extra dry-brushing to give it some depth and differentiation from the outside of the boat. It is a simple and quick paint job, but I am very happy with the end result.

Blood & Plunder Canoa Paint Tutorial for the model by Firelock Games
This is my Blood and Plunder Canoa. After two colours (paint, shade, highlight with the original base colour) I think the model is pretty much done. I am happy with how it turned out and just have to finish it with varnish.
A Loaded Canoa for Blood and Plunder can hold 8 miniatures
The Canoa holds 8 Blood and Plunder miniatures. You may recognize the Spearmen (Lanceros) from one of my earlier showcase articles.

As stated in the caption above, I think these Canoas will be done as soon as I give them a couple of layers of varnish.

The Parigua

I gave the Parigua the same paint treatment as the Canoas with a couple of extra colours added in. For the Parigua, I base coated the ship with black before dry-brushing on a few layers of Ceramcoat Latte. I then used Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade followed by another layer of dry-brushed Latte. For the trim, I used Apple Barrel Barn Red. Overall, I don’t feel this model is done. I am not happy with how it turned out so far. I think it needs another coat of Earthshade. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Painted Piragua for Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games
This ship is a nice model, but I don’t think I am done yet. I think it could use another coat of Earthsade. You can notice that I made a differentiation between the wood planks on the top of the ship and the carved out part of the ship by not dry-brushing a second coat of Latte on those planks.

The groves in this model are nice and deep. They take shades and dry-brushing nicely. The groves on the outside of the ship are not as deep.

Size-wise, this is a much bigger ship than the Canoa or Long Boat, but smaller than the Sloop.  The rules state that you can place on forward facing light cannon on the front deck there, or up to four swivel guns.

Again, I don’t think I am done on this one. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or comments.

Wrapping it up…

I bought these ships through the last Blood and Plunder Kickstarter. It took me a while to get them on the paint table, but I am happy with how they turned out.

Canoa and Piragua for Firelock Games' Blood and Plunder
My Canoas and Piragua all together. This would make for a nice fleet of pirate raiders and should make for an interesting table top battle sometime. Looking at the boats side by side, that Piragua is not that bad. I just think it still needs a little bit more work.

On top of the boats above, I also have a Blood and Plunder Sloop already completed by a commission painter. My work doesn’t match his, but that is okay. It still looks good on the tabletop. That said, check out the job the commission painter did on the ship below. Nice!!!

Forbes Hobbies Commission Painting of my Blood and Plunder Sloop
Jeremy of Forbes Hobbies painted my Blood and Plunder Sloop for me. You may recognize the ship from my review article.

On top of those boats, I also still have a Long Boat to paint up as well. Eventually, I am going to have an awesome painted Blood and Plunder collection for some demo games in my local area.

HobbyZone Workshop Modular System for miniature painting with Blood and Plunder ships
A final picture of my work space. Special thanks goes out to HobbyZone for sending me that awesome modular paint workshop system that you see in the picture above. I absolutely love it and have a few articles about the system and more coming.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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