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Blood & Plunder French Captain – Showcase

In this post, I give you a quick showcase of my Blood & Plunder French Captain and end with a scale comparison of the model.

The Blood & Plunder French Captain Showcase
A look at the French Commander by Firelock Games.

In the interest of full disclosure, this Captain is part of a starter bundle that Firelock Games sent Must Contain Minis for Review Purposes. This bundle included 25 miniatures, a Sloop and a Rulebook.

Painting those 25 miniatures happens to be my project for the Tabletop Commanders Forum Winter Warmer Challenge. For this challenge, I pledged to complete the 25 miniatures that come in the Blood & Plunder French Nation starter box by the end of December. The French Commander is the first of the group that I completed.

Below is a picture of how the mini looked unpainted.

Unpainted French Captain by Firelock Games
The Blood & Plunder French Commander unpainted and out of the box.

It is a nice mini out of the box and required just a little bit of clean up. I took the mini to my favourite FLGS and started painting it at the Paint Bar.

Painting Blood & Plunder at Forbes Hobbies (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)
Here is how I started with the captain. To paint the model up faster, I figured that I would try a three colour scheme on him, but (as you can see from the first picture of the post) I decided to go with 8 colours and 3 washes instead.
To the right is a preview figure of the next Blood & Plunder group that I will showcase as part of this painting challenge.

While I was at the Paint Bar, I asked the owner (Jeremy Cada of Forbes Hobbies) how he would suggest that I paint the planks of wood to match the boat (he painted the hull up for me). He suggested one of two colours partnered with a corresponding wash. He even took the model for me and demonstrated the look he suggested.

Bases on Blood & Plunder Miniatures by Firelock Games
The base done up with a German Camo Beige and a light sepia wash.

I then took the mini home and continued working on it. There I decided to turn the bowtie white and paint him more in line with the one Firelock Games painted. I also redid the base with a Tan Yellow paint and Brown wash as I found it matched the wood of the already painted sloop better.

Painting Blood & Plunder on a XOLK Paint Station
Continuing the model at home. The discerning eye may notice that the wood planks are slightly different than they were at the store. I redid it in the second colours Jeremy recommended as the colours match better with the planks of my boat.

Now, I strive for a table top quality when I paint. I am not too worried about my pieces being display cabinet worthy and my miniatures certainly look good enough from a tables length away. That said, check out how well the guys at Firelock games painted up their mini. Wow!!! Does that mini ever look great!!!

French Commander from Firelock Games Website (Blood & Plunder)
This is the Mini as it appears on Firelock Game’s Webstore. Whomever did this paint job, did a fantastic job!!!

Now back to my model… When I finished, I used 8 colours and 3 different washes. After the washes, I went back over the model with the original colours for the highlights. Overall, I am happy with the results. I did notice that there is a small portion of the base that I should put more wash on, but I might leave it for now in the interest of getting the other miniatures completed.


Blood & Plunder French Captain Painted to tabletop quality
The Captain from the front. Looks good enough to me.  🙂


Rear of the French Captain
The back side of the Captain miniature.

We did a Scale Comparison Article of the Blood & Plunder miniatures already on Must Contain Minis, but I figured that I would post a couple of scale pictures here with the painted mini.


Blood & Plunder Miniature Scale Comparison to Reaper Miniatures and North Star Military Figures
Left to Right… Reaper Miniatures’ Cultist (32mm), Firelock Games’ French Captain, North Star Military Figures Frostgrave Apprentice (28mm).


Scale Comparison of Firelock Games (Blood & Plunder) to Wargames Foundry
This one surprised me… On the left, is my Blood & Plunder French Captain. On the Right, a Wargames Foundry Pirate Captain (28mm). Height-wise, there is a lot of difference. Enough of a difference that I wouldn’t use them in the same crew, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing them on the same table.
The reason for this acceptance is because there is a lot of height variance between people in real life.

Overall, this is a fairly nice miniature that was enjoyable to paint. Mine isn’t Display Case Quality, but it certainly is good enough to use on the table. I am looking forward to getting the others done for some enjoyable gaming.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: This miniature is part of a starter sent to Must Contain Minis for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

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