Blood & Plunder Boucaniers Showcase

Blood & Plunder Boucaniers Showcase

Today’s post is a quick showcase of the French Boucaniers that I painted up for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games. Special thanks goes out to the guys at Firelock games for sending these miniatures for Review Purposes.

Blood & Plunder Boucaniers Showcase / Review Firelock games
French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

I will admit, right off the top that I am not going for a competition level paint job on these figures. I generally go for tabletop quality and am trying to paint these guys up quickly for the Table Top Commanders Forum Winter Warmer Challenge. For that challenge, I pledged to paint up my 25 French Blood & Plunder miniatures by the end of December.

In the hands of a true professional, the miniatures look amazing!!! See below for a picture of how they look on Firelock Games’ website. More article below the picture.

French Boucaniers from Firelock Games Website
Image from Firelock Games’ Webstore. The figures here look absolutely amazing!

The figures above look absolutely amazing. Mine look okay too, but not to the level that the guys from Firelock Games achieved.

My figures are a little darker, but I was going for a dirty look. I figured that my Boucaniers have been hunting in the woods so I went for a grimier look. Like the Captain that I painted, I wanted to paint the miniatures up in three colours. Unfortunately, I could not get the paints for these figures down to three either. Instead, I used 5 colours and 2 washes (followed by an extremely quick dry brush of the original colours).

Painting up French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder
Each miniature ended up with five colours. On the group, I used two different skin tones as I wanted some of them to be more tanned than the others. I used two browns (one for wood, one for leather), a German Camo Beige for the clothing, skin tone, and a tanned yellow for the base. Not counted, but also used on the models is a touch of chainmail for the metal bits and red for a feather.    🙂
The Picture above is from when I was at my favourite FLGS that also has a Painting Bar!

After I finished these models off at home, I made a small discovery. The discovery is that I need to change my transport method for Miniatures as I chipped a little bit of the paint.

To transport them, I rolled them up in Paper towel and tossed them in a freezer bag. This works with my lighter miniatures but with these all metal figures, it did not work so well. You may notice some of the paint chips as we zoom in closer on the specific miniatures.

I didn’t notice until I completed the miniatures and took these pictures.  🙁

French Boucaniers for Blood & Plunder
Another shot of my French Boucaniers.

Now let’s take a closer look.


French Boucanier Miniature


French Boucanier Miniature with foot on treasure
This one is one of my favourites of the set.


French Boucanier Miniature Firelock Games
A very sharp looking mini without too much work to paint up.


French Boucanier Miniature - Closer look at the base
I really like that they made a small canvas treasure bag for under his foot.


French Boucanier Miniature
This is my second favourite of the set.


French Boucanier Miniature


French Boucanier Miniature
The red I used for the feather. I also did not count the red towards the “used colours” total.  🙂


French Boucanier Miniature
Notice the toe on this one. I made a mistake with it. I did not realize that they had long shoes when I got the pack and trimmed the foot off thinking it was flashing. If you get this model, the long shoes are not flash from the model making process. It is supposed to be there.  Who knew?   🙂

For a quick paint job, they turned out okay. It is too bad that the paint chips are visible, but from a tables’ length, those chips disappear. Again, I am going to have to figure out a better way to transport these minis and probably hit them with a seal of varnish too.

If you get these miniatures, keep in mind that the shoes are supposed to be long. I cut off one of the shoe tips on a miniature because I didn’t realize that they had long shoes (I thought it was flashing).

French Boucanier Miniatures for Blood & Plunder - Firelock Games
From a Table’s length, these minis look pretty good.

Overall, these are some nice minis. It adds a bit of a challenge that they have mustaches to paint on the figures, but they come out fairly nice. I am really looking forward to getting these on the tabletop.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: These miniatures were part of a starter sent to Must Contain Minis for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games.

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