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On the Paint Table

Today I want to show what I have on the paint table. These guys have been on the table for quite some time. I am planning to use some of them for a tournament at Council Fires 2016 this October, so I will have to finish them sooner than later.

On the left are the three tanks from Warlord Games’ Bolt Action Tank Wars Starter Set. On the right, we have a British Wolverine. I have just a few more base colours and mud effects to put on them before beginning with shading and highlighting process.
Shading is done. I just have to highlight these guys and finish the bases.

I also picked up some stuff from the Broadsword 2 Gaming Convention. Some of the items I am so excited about that I started painting them even though I have not yet finished the above pieces for Bolt Action. The first set of items I purchased from RAFM, but were made by various manufacturers to which I believe the company is somehow connected.

This group of miniatures is made by Pulp Figures and I can’t wait to get them on the table! They are British soldiers in Kilts. Now, I realize that the last time the Kilt was worn in battle was during the fall of France, but I will be using these soldiers as Late War Commandos for Bolt Action. They look Awesome!!!
This creature is a Flesh Golem by Reaper Miniatures. I will be painting him up in a Zombie Blue colour and using him as a Construct or Zombie Troll in Frostgrave.
These are Pathfinder Goblin Warriors by Reaper Miniatures. I really love their look and wish that I had found (and picked up) some Pathfinder Goblin Pyros too. They will also likely be used for Frostgrave.
Another Item that I bought from RAFM by Reaper Miniatures is this Frost Wyrm and I will be using him as a Frost Worm for Frostgrave. I placed a Sig-Marine beside the figure to show the scale of the figure.
Above is a good sized Dragon. I believe he lists as “Narthax” in the Reaper Bones line of Miniatures. You guessed it. He will also be painted up and based fro Frostgrave. I place a Sig-Marine in the mix for the purpose of scale. This dragon is going to be huge!!!

These final pieces on my paint table are some fantastic terrain objects by Six Squared Studios. These guys I have been a big fan of since I first visited their booth at a gaming convention a few years ago. The frugal gamer in me loves them because of their prices. The rest of me loves them because their pieces look great. At Broadsword 2, they were the company that sponsored the game table “How the West Was Eaten” and at Lords of War 2016 (Summer Offensive) they sponsored a Frostgrave table. From them, I bought a number of barrels and a keg that I envision using for a number of games. Look for a review here sometime before Oktoberfest.  🙂

This is a good sized keg with a stand and tap to boot.
These are their large and medium barrels. I place a Sig-Marine by them for the purpose of scale.

Until next time, happy gaming everyone!