You are currently viewing ‘This Quar’s War: Clash of Rhyfles’ – New Starter Set Takes You to The Long War

‘This Quar’s War: Clash of Rhyfles’ – New Starter Set Takes You to The Long War

Wargames Atlantic is back with a new, exciting, boxed minis game in partnership with the designers at Zombiesmith. Wargames Atlantic has created a new starter box for The Quar’s War: Clash of Rhyfles.

This Quar’s War Starter Set

Check out the starter! In it, you will find everything you need to play: a 48-page rulebook, a quick-reference guide/poster, 6 D6 dice, 10 activation cards, 24 hard plastic Quar (12 Crusaders and 12 Coftyrans), 24 hard plastic bases, and there is even terrain that can be cut out of the box to bring your battlefield to life!

This Quar's War Clash of Rhyfles starter set - 28mm plastic miniatures game
Contents of the box.

The Miniatures and Other Starter Set Content

Here are some shots of those sprues and the components included in the box, starting with the sprues.

The Quar Plastic Frame.
The back of the miniatures

As you can see, it includes everything you need to start playing and is very affordable. This boxed set includes plenty of goodies and is currently priced at just $79.95.

Other contents of This Quar's War starter set by Wargames Atlantic

The 28mm Quar game and universe already exist, but now it will have a brand-new starter set. If you head to the Zombiesmith website right now, you can even pick up the rules and expansions for free – a significant savings over the regular price!

About This Quar’s War

Quar Miniatures

It seems the Quar have always been at war. When the first wandering clans of insect gatherers built their low, mud-walled buildings, it was as much to keep out other Quar as the wild animals. As they first learned to make tools to get food, they quickly learned to make tools to defend themselves. The mud walls quickly became fortified citadels and then city-states. In five thousand years of civilization, the only constants of their culture have been the changing of the seasons and the threat of war.

Quar are just like you and me – perfectly normal creatures, bereft of magic or supernatural powers or other-worldly technologies. They do eat bugs, though, and lots of them. Most quar, when they’re not fighting each other over slights real or imagined, are farmers, or traders, or merchants. Mostly they live simple, happy lives full of hard work, ale and the occasional overeating of mothcakes.

Wargames Atlantic
Multiple 28mm Wargames Atlantic Quar miniatures painted

But there are other quar – ambitious, striving quar – for which a mere warm bed and full belly are not enough. These are the ones that scheme, that connive, and their machinations bring wole nations and kingdoms into conflict. Constant conflict, brutal conflict, for the history of Alwyd is written in blood.

The Long War is entering a new phase. Gather your weapons, choose your side, and prepare to begin your chapter in the history of this grand conflict.

Wargames Atlantic
Close up of the minis

Wrapping it up…

This Quar’s War: Clash of Rhyfles starter box is a very exciting product coming from Wargames Atlantic. In this post, we took a quick look at the new two-player plastic starter set for the game. It is expected to be released on February 23rd!

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    For the life of me I cannot understand this Quar thing. It seems an extremely niche thing within an already niche hobby. Puzzling that Wargames Atlantic decided to make a boxed set of this when other more popular topics are kept “3D files only” because it’s risky to produce them. And unlike other boxed sets this cannot be used for anything else except this specific Quar thing — or not as easily, though I suppose they can be kitbashed into mutants or aliens.

    I suppose they’ve done their homework however, and I wish this sells, if only to make WGA stronger so that they can produce the kits I do like 🙂

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks so much for the comment, Andres. Before Wargames Atlantic covered this Quar game, I never heard of it myself. Turns out there is a video game and a miniatures game of it has been out for some time. Who knew. For sure a niche item though.

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