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Cigar Box Battle Launches Skirmish Battle Mats

I am not sure if you saw this, but it almost completely escaped me that Cigar Box Battle Launched Skirmish Battle Mats on Kickstarter. In this campaign, they introduce new 4′ by 5′ fleece gaming mats to their product line up.

I have some of Cigar Box Battle Mats in the larger 6′ by 4′ size and I absolutely love them! I have a review about them and how versatile they are right over here. Be sure to check out that review. The same features and benefits will also apply to these new 4′ by 5′ skirmish mats.

You can find the Kickstarter Campaign here but let me share some more information with you before you head on over there.

Why 4′ by 5′?

This new size of mat is to accommodate tabletop skirmish games and RPGs.

These mats are smaller than their full sized ones, so they are even easier to fold into your backpack and get a great looking table set up in no time.

Like the larger mats, the material these ones are made of will drape over table edges and any terrain that you put underneath. I like placing foam hills under the mats that I own to give the game some extra depth. Towels, t-shirts and pretty much anything else also works as hills below these mats.

Cool Designs of Old

If you liked the old Cigar Box designs, there are plenty of mats available in the new Skirmish Battle Mats size. Check out some of these old favourites that you can now get in a new size for your gaming table.

Historical and Generic Mats

Grasslands 2 battle mat
Grasslands are excellent for a versatile fight location.
Nordic Summer - I want this one. A beautiful looking mat
I don’t have this one, but I would love to add it to my collection. It looks beautiful. I would likely use it for SAGA or something to do with WW2.
Europe with 25mm roads
I own this one in the larger size. It is one of my favourite mats for WW2 games.
Caribbean Beachhead
Another favourite of mine that I own in the larger format.

Looking at the designs above, you can tell that these would be fantastic for historical wargaming. That is one of the reasons that Cigar Box Battle is so popular in the historical wargaming market. That said, they also have sci-fi and fantasy designs too. Check out some of these ones.

Fantasy Mats

While I envision these mats being used in fantasy games, you might be able to use them in historical and sci-fi games too.

Dungeon Floor - a fantastic candidate for the Skirmish battle mats size
Looking for a Dungeon floor for your D&D / RPG or Skirmish Fantasy Games? I think this mat would be great for that!
This mat could easily be used for historical or fantasy gaming.

Sci-Fi Mats

These mats are purely sci-fi. Play Warhammer 40K, One Page Rules Grim Dark Future, Osprey’s Stargrave? These mats might be right for you.

Moon Battle
Perhaps you would rather fight a Warhammer 40K battle on a lunar world, here is a mat for that!
Alien Mining Planet
Here is a different one to represent an Alien Mining world. That could be useful for a number of games.
Alien Planet

Hot New Designs

If the Kickstarter goals are met, Cigar Box Battle unlocks new designs that you could order through the campaign. The first has already been unlocked and the next two look pretty neat.

Unlocked Skirmish battle mat by Cigar Box Battle
The first Skirmish Battle Mats stretch goal has already been unlocked. A red planet. I think this one would be good for games like Warhammer 40K.
Sci-Fi Skirmish Battle Mats
This is the next mat that the guys at Cigar Box Battle are working towards unlocking. I like this one.
A Sci-Fi Mat stretch goal
This one I think would work best for fantasy games, but it could work for sci-fi too.

If Cigar Box Battle achieves all of the above designs in the next while, they have other new designs to reveal too. I look forward to seeing if these designs, and more, get unlocked for the new line of Cigar Box Battle Skirmish Battle Mats.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s article is to inform you of Cigar Box Battle’s newest Kickstarter project. If a travel sized 4′ by 5′ fleece battle mat interests you, be sure to check out their campaign before it is over. The Kickstarter is here, but there is just over a week left to go at the time of this article.

If you missed the Kickstarter and these designs interest you, check out the Cigar Box Battle Mats webstore. You can buy their previous mats there and they have plenty to choose from. I am guessing that sometime after the campaign, you might be able to find the 4′ by 5′ mats here too.

Thanks for checking out this Kickstarter with me.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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