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Coolest Hobbit Gaming Tables

A while ago, I attended an event called Hotlead 2019. This is my favourite gaming event in my local area, and I try to make the trip out yearly. This year and last year, the Ontario Hobbit Adventures’ League’s tables totally took my breath away. These tables are absolutely gorgeous and deserve both appreciation and praise. Without any further ado, let’s check out the Coolest Hobbit Gaming Tables Around – at least at from what I have seen. 🙂

The Coolest hobbit gaming tables

I have never seen better quality tables in person than these tables by the Ontario Hobbit Adventures League. The tables are absolutely stunning and seeing them seriously tempts me into buy The Hobbit Starter set. Believe it or not, the league actually uses these tables for tournament games. Could you imagine playing on these tables – especially in a tournament setting. So impressive!

Now, let’s take a look at those tables. You may recognize a few of them from last year, but I have plenty of pictures of a new and very impressive table later in this article.

Familiar Tables

Many of the stunning tables from last year made an appearance this year at the event. They are certainly worth a second look and all of these pictures are new.

The tables are gorgeous!!! How would you like to play your games one them?

Coolest hobbit gaming tables - Wargame
Check out this table. Simply stunning.
The most Awesome Hobbit Gaming Tables - Terrain for Lord of the Rings
A lot of work had to have gone into these tables.
Wargame terrain - Coolest hobbit gaming tables
So nice. this would be a cool table for Frostgrave too. Maybe it could use more cover if you were playing Frostgrave – but a cool table none-the-less.
The Coolest Wargaming Tables on the Internet
Simply wow!!! I would love to play on that table!
Lord of the Rings Wargame Table set up - Terrain - Coolest hobbit gaming tables
Another shot of that same table. These guys do a seriously good job on building tables.
The Coolest hobbit gaming tables
What an awesome table! All of these tables are just so impressive.
The Coolest hobbit gaming tables - Terrain for Games Workshop Lords of the Ring - Warhammer
A second look at the same table. Cool houses.

The New Table

Perhaps the club brought more than one new table, but this is the table of which I took pictures. Like the tables above, this one is absolutely incredible!

The Coolest hobbit gaming tables - Could also be used for Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago and a whole bunch of other games
Check that out!!! How cool is this table!!!

This table is so incredible that I took a ton of shots of it. I think it is new as I don’t remember it at Hotlead during 2018. If it is not new, it is new to me and that is enough to give it a special place in this post.  🙂

Amazing Miniature Wargame village - Fantasy setting
How amazing is this little village!?
Small boats on wargame board - mini wargaming terrain - Coolest hobbit gaming tables
Those boats are really neat. I wonder if they move, or if they are fixed to the board.
The Coolest hobbit gaming tables
A shot showing even more boats. This board is incredible!
Fishing Village Wargame Terrain - Table
Another look at the village.
Coolest hobbit gaming tables - Lord of the Rings Terrain - Frostgrave Terrain - Ghost Archipelago Terrain
Just stunning. What are your thoughts on this table?

What do you think of this table? I think it is just absolutely amazing.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed checking out these pictures. One thing that I love about terrain is that it can apply to multiple systems. While these tables were built specifically for Middle Earth, I daydream about how great they would be to play Frostgrave, SAGA, and a whole host of other games. Even if you don’t play The Hobbit (aka Middle Earth: The Strategy Battle Game), I think there is a good chance that you can appreciate these tables.

The Ontario Hobbit Adventure League does the absolute best tables that I have seen in person. The terrain looks absolutely amazing and is well deserving of praise and admiration. If you live in Ontario and are interested in Middle Earth: The Strategy Battle Game, you may want to check out their Facebook Page and see if you can join their ranks. Members of the group also run demo games at some local conventions and the people that build their tables are incredibly talented.

While the boards are amazing, the group’s terrain masters do not do commission work. I guess the only way to play on these tables is to join them, head to one of their tournaments, or try out one of their demos. I tried one of their demos and that table was amazing too! More about that later.

For more Hotlead 2019 articles, be sure to check out my Article Round Up Page for the event.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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