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Quick Frostgrave Showcase Painted by Dave Lamers

Dave Lamers is at it again. He is painting up a bunch of miniatures. This time it is a bunch of miniature for a quick Frostgrave showcase. Some of them are made by North Star Military Figures and others by other companies. Join me in this quick look at some of his work.

As a note, Dave Lamers painted these miniatures and took the photographs. He left the bases as they are as often the customer likes to add the basing materials so the models match their collection. I touched the pictures up a bit for the internet and wrote the story. Now, let’s take a look at the pictures he sent.

Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Objective Markers

Here Dave painted up some official Frostgrave objective markers by North Star Military Figures. These ones happen to be the models from Forgotten Pacts.

Objective Markers by North Star Military Figures - Frostgrave showcase
Three objective markers painted up for Frostgrave. They look great!

King Eddard Stark as an Objective Marker

It looks like Dave took the approach of turning this CMON Games Miniature of Eddard Stark into a bronze statue. If you want to see the same model painted up in a different way, we have a picture of that in our “A Song of Ice and Fire – Stark Showcase Part Four” article.

Eddard Stark as a bronze statue
A quickly done up statue of Eddard Stark. He will make for an objective marker or perhaps a Golem or piece of scenery in Frostgrave Second Edition. This one will look better after I clean up that base a bit.

Spell Casters by Reaper Miniatures

Being that Frostgrave is a Miniatures Agnostic game, you could buy your figures from wherever you want. While I love the miniatures by North Star Military Figures, I also bought some by Reaper Miniatures.

Frostgrave showcase - painted miniatures by Reaper Miniatures - Olivia a Female Cleric and Feiya an Iconic Witch.
A pair of female magic users made by Reaper Miniatures. The one on the left is Olivia, a female Cleric and the one on the right is Feiya, an Iconic Witch. I really like the colours that Dave chose out for the Witch.

Reaper Miniatures Derro as Adventurers

Looking for some members to add to your Warband in Frostgrave Second Edition? You can use whatever miniatures you want. Here Dave painted up some Reaper Miniatures Derro miniatures as possible soldiers that you can hire.

Reaper Miniatures Derro minis paited up for this Frostgrave showcase.
A pair of Derro miniatures by Reaper Miniatures.

For those wondering, the bases under three of the four Reaper Miniatures I bought from Six Squared Studios. They are best known for their MDF bases and have good shipping rates within North America. These are their 25mm MDF Bases.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick Frostgrave showcase of recent work by Dave Lamers. As a plug, he does take commission work for those interested.

The miniatures in this post are made by a variety of manufactures including North Star Military Figures, Reaper Miniatures and CMON Games. The bases under the reaper miniatures are by Six Squared Studios.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!