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Six Squared Studios MDF Bases Review

When I think of Six Squared Studios, I think of quality resin scatter terrain at very affordable prices. That said, the company actually makes most of its money off of the sales of bases for miniatures. These are nice bases too. Join me in this quick MDF bases review.

Six Squared Studios manufactures MDF gaming accessories (like paint racks, bases and movement trays), resin terrain, and 3D printed products. They are also getting into selling their own miniatures too.

Every time I go to a convention, I look these guys up and buy some terrain and bases. Unfortunately, the convention scene this year is pretty much non-existent due to the pandemic. As such, I found myself running out of bases. Recently I put in an order to Six Squared Studios to replenish my stock.

Six Squared Studios Delivery
My Delivery from Six Squared Studios.

The Order

With knowledge of some upcoming figures coming in the mail, I found myself needing some bases for my miniatures. I put in a large order to Wargames Atlantic for a large number of miniatures to sample. Wargames Atlantic does not pack bases with those miniatures. I also have a number of Oathmark miniatures to build that I want to base on round bases instead of squares. This means that I need a large number of round bases.

Six Squared Studios delivery
That is just the start of my Six Squared Studios order.

Based off of my anticipated needs, I ordered 403 bases. That is a lot of MDF bases.

MDF Bases Review
A look at the whole order dumped out on my desk.

Although the 25mm bases came in bags of 25, I bought and paid for them as though there were 100 count bags. Six Squared Studios gives you a discount when you order higher counts of bases. For example, you can buy these 25mm round bases for $1.99 for 10, $3.49 for 25, $5.99 for 50 or $9.99 for 100. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. I find that to be fairly competitive.

The bases took about a week to a week-and-a-half to get to me from when I placed the order. I honestly did not expect them to come in that quickly.

25mm and 32mm MDF Bases Review - Six Squared Studios
A look at the order all organized on my hobby table.

The Bases in Use

I am so happy that these bases arrived. I have plans to use them with the miniatures coming in soon. On top of that, I already have miniatures in my collection that were in need of bases.

Westfalia Miniatures sent me some really nice figures to check out. These resin models came to me without bases and I have been looking forward to taking a closer look at them.

A sampling of miniatures by Westfalia Miniatures. Now I finally have bases to put them on.
I haven’t used Six Squared Studios slotted bases before, but here they are working well with Westfalia Miniatures. The miniatures slid into those slots perfectly.

To complete this MDF bases review, below are a couple of size comparison photos from an earlier article. These pictures compare the size of GW’s 25mm bases versus the size of Six Squared Studios’ 25mm bases.

25mm base size comparison - Plastic GW bases to MDF Six Squared Studios Bases
The GW base is on the left. The Six Squared Studios one is on the right.
Base size comparison - GW Plastic vs Six Squared Studios MDF - MDF Bases Review
The bases match up pretty much perfectly. The GW ones have a bit more of a slope, but otherwise they are pretty much identical.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick MDF Bases Review. Personally, I am a fan of Six Squared Studios and like their products. I find that the products are a great value and sold at a very fair price.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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