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TTCombat MDF Intermodal Containers Review

This post is a TTCombat MDF Intermodal Containers Review. These are scaled for 28mm to 32mm gaming.

Looking at terrain by TTCombat is something that I wanted to do ever since I played Carnaverse at a local convention. Most the scenery on that gaming table is by TTCombat. Nick from Cardboard Dungeon Games ran that demo game.

Carniverse Battle Report
My first in person encounter with TTCombat brand MDF terrain. This table looks great. Image from my Carniverse Battle Report.

Since then, Nick took steps to become a TTCombat stockist in North America. If you haven’t checked out Cardboard Dungeon Games, he has great prices with good shipping rates for North America. Through Cardboard Dungeon Games, I ordered four packs of TTCombat MDF Terrain. In this post, we will review the first two that I built.

Before getting into this TTCombat MDF Intermodal Containers review, I am going to tell you a bit about TTCombat.


For those that don’t know, TTCombat makes a number of products including scenery, Carnevale, Dropzone Commander, Dropfleet Commander and Rumbleslam. They also sell some other interesting products including a small MDF spaceship game called Space Swarm.

Dropzone Commander I played in a previous edition and wrote a report. I found the game to be enjoyable. Its scale is very small (10mm).

Drop Zone Commander
A pack of drones rush towards the enemy in a game of Dropzone Commander. Image from an earlier Battle Report.

I am also curious about Rumbleslam and Space Swarm. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at TTCombat’s Intermodal Containers.

TTCombat Intermodal Containers – In the Kit

The first two MDF Terrain kits that I ever built by TTCombat were these two Intermodal Containers. Basically, they are modern shipping containers.

TTCombat MDF Intermodal Containers Review
My two Intermodal Containers by TTCombat still in the packaging. Two kits builds six models.
TTCombat Intermodal Containers MDF Sprues
When you open the pack, you get two MDF boards with the components to build three containers. All you need is glue and a knife.
Building MDF Terrain for modern skirmish games
With many companies’ MDF kits, I just have to push the pieces out of the sprues. I found the TTCombat pieces in the sprues pretty securely. I had to disconnect each piece from the sprue in two spots. I didn’t feel comfortable trying my luck with pushing them out, so I used a hobby knife. I also used a file to do a little bit of clean up afterwards to make sure each piece was nice and smooth where I cut them off the sprue.

Building the Containers

The Containers went together very easily. I will mention that you should dry fit the pieces before you build. If you put the long container walls on in the wrong direction, then the doors will not open and close. I had to pull one apart after I glued it together to get it right. You will want to be careful while building this part.

Building an MDF Intermodal Container by TT Combat - Review
Look on the right hand side. See how the wall covers most of the hole on the bottom. The doors will not open and close with the container like this.
Building an MDF Container for 28mm to 32mm gaming.
When I switched which wall I used for this side, the alignment was just right. You can see the subtle difference above.
MDF Intermodal Containers Review
Aside from the one little trick above, the builds go together very easily. I used the elastics to hold the models together while the glue dried. When built, the doors still open and close. We will have to see if that remains the same after I paint the model.

The Completed Models

These models were easy to build and quick to put together. I use my favourite wood glue and a brush to join the pieces, but some people might just pour the glue on and jam it all together. Once you are done, you have three very usable containers for your modern (or near future) sci-fi games.

MDF Intermodal Containers Terrain built with Gorilla White Glue for miniature wargaming.
My six completed TTCombat Intermodal Containers. How are they for scale? Below is an image for that.
TT Combat MDF Terrain Review - Intermodal Containers from the City Streets Collection
A group of 28mm civilian Bolt Action Miniatures by Warlord Games battling it out in a skirmish over some containers. Models shown for scale purposes.

What are those containers above pictured on? We will get into that in my next TTCombat MDF terrain review.

The YouTube Review

My Video Review of these MDF Cargo Containers for 28mm gaming.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this TTCombat MDF Intermodal Containers Review. The containers go together very well and look great on the tabletop. I was not expecting that the hinged doors would actually function. They do. I will have to see if that is still the case after I paint the models.

A couple of things that I want to comment on before wrapping up is that TTCombat’s prices their terrain very affordably. These kits will not put you back too bad with your bank account. That said, the MDF is not as strong as some other models that I built in the past. Despite this, I think the strength is certainly good enough for my purposes, and I might add more strength to them with a coat of shellac before I paint the containers.

Overall, my opinion of the product is very positive and I will likely collect more TTCombat terrain in the future. If you are in North Amercia, look up Cardboard Dungeon Games. They have plenty of TTCombat products available at good prices.

You can also take a look at this piece of terrain on Wayland Games. They often give a bit of a discount on the products that you buy from them. Check out their price here.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!