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Fallen Divinity Review

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In this post, I review the Fallen Divinity Miniature for Conquest by Para Bellum Games.

When it comes to miniatures, my favourite part of the hobby is the build. In this post, I build and review the giant Fallen Divinity model for the Old Dominion Faction of Conquest. If you like this model, it is available through Para Bellum, the folks at Wayland Games, and other fine retailers too. Now, let’s take a closer look at this miniature.

Although I called this model a miniature, there is nothing miniature about it. It is huge. Being that it is a resin model, the first thing I did before building it was wash all of the pieces.

Building the Model

After I washed the resin pieces, I dried them on a few layers of paper towels.

After washing and drying the pieces of the model, I started building it in sub-assemblies. There were instructions included, but most of this puzzle I found self evident.

I started with the base. Look at all the skulls in the cauldron.
I really like this decorative head that turns into a cauldron with the skulls we saw above.
Here I am gluing the part that attaches the floating figure to the base. We will see that again later in the showcase images of the finished model.

Next I built the actual figure.

The model itself looks really sharp. Lots of details.
I noticed some lines where the legs connected, but I feel like those will disappear when the model is actually painted. I also no longer noticed those small spaces once I had everything assembled.
I am very happy with the look of this miniature.
Next thing to do is to glue those hounds onto the base. This took some finesse as the feet on those dogs are so small.
The backend of this hound did not want to stay down on its own, so I weighted it down with my hobby knife while the glue dried.

After gluing down the undead hounds, this model was complete. Let’s look at the whole thing.

Fallen Divinity Review – The Completed Model for Conquest

The finished model is quite something to behold. It looks great.

Let’s look around the model.

She floats above a cauldron of skulls
With eyes covered, she still sees.
The undead hounds look ferocious and attack her prey.
The back of the model. Notice the bottom part where it looks like she has a flowing cape made of organic bat wings. That is the stand to hold the model suspended in the air.
A great looking model. Yes, there is some flesh showing but I have shown the model so as not to show any sensitive parts. depending how you look at it, those parts are covered up by the robes sprawling down from her eyes anyhow.
And a final angle on the model. Overall, a very impressive, and large, resin miniature.

Painting The Model – A Note

Because I prefer building miniatures over painting them, I asked a friend if he would be interested in painting it. He said yes and we will have to wait and see how it looks whenever it comes back. In retrospect, this model would be better to paint in sub-assemblies. You can’t easily get into that cauldron or many parts of the base once you glue all of the pieces together.

Now the poor guy is trying to figure out how to dissemble the model so that he can paint it to a higher standard. This model might get a visit from a miniature saw.

Note for next time. Consider keeping larger models in sub-assemblies for painting so all the pieces are accessible.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for looking at Para Bellum Game’s Fallen Divinity model with me. Like all of the recent models for Conquest, this figure is impressive. This miniature is no where near miniature. It is huge, and its base is a mini-diorama in and of itself. Special thanks goes out to Para Bellum Games for sending me this miniature. If you want to learn more about their games, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, and Conquest: First Blood, head to their website.

They also have an army builder that you can use for free and the rules of their games are also available as free pdfs.

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!