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Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Sprues

Recently I received a set of sprues for the new Old Dominion Kataphraktoi models from Para Bellum Wargames. These minis come three to a pack with Cavalry bases and stands.

Like the W’adrhun Hunting Pack that I wrote about in my last post, these miniatures are made of thicker, higher quality plastic than their earlier models. In this post, we take a look at some pictures by Para Bellum and the Sprues of their Old Dominion Kataphraktoi miniatures.

Let’s start with those product shots.

Pictures from Para Bellum

The Old Dominion is the newest faction to Conquest. They are Para Bellum’s take on the Undead.

Conquest Undead Cavalry Miniatures
These miniatures seem to have a Roman or Byzantine feel to them.
Old Dominion Kataphraktoi First Blood
They come with circle bases and square movement trays so you can use them for skirmish or rank and file miniatures games. The rank and file version of Conquest is called The Last Argument of Kings and the skirmish version is called First Blood. You use the same miniatures for both games.
Old Dominion Kataphraktoi
A look at the box art.

Now, let’s take a look at the sprues of these models.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Sprues

Para Bellum sent me a few samples of their upcoming minis. Unfortunately, I received only the plastic frames of the models. There were no bases or cards sent along side them. These came to me pre-release so they might have just shipped them out to me as quickly as possible so I could look at the quality of their sculpts.

The details on these plastic frames is really nice. The detail on the riders is quite good and I am a fan of the barding on the undead mounts. Check this out.

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Sprue Rider
This is the frame of riders for the Kataphraktoi miniatures.
Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Sprue - Mounts
And here we have the horses. I really like all that barding.

These look like they wouldn’t be too hard to build up and all of the parts are nicely numbered.

For now, they will remain unbuilt because I don’t have the bases for them yet.

Getting Your Hands On The Old Dominion Kataphraktoi

If you want to get your hands on these models, check out your favorite gaming store.

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Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at the sprues of the Old Dominion Kataphraktoi miniatures for Conquest. If you are looking for more Conquest stories, check out my Hellbringer Drake Review. You can also check out my article about the sprues of the W’adrhun Hunting Pack.

For a look at some mounted humans, I have a review of the Hundred Kingdoms Mounted Squires. Give that a read. It is well worth a visit. That review involves some scale comparison images too.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!