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Getting Some Work Done – 28mm MDF Boats

Recently I got some work done on a group of 28mm MDF Boats that I built a long time ago.

That is one of the downsides of doing a lot of posts on the internet. You don’t get as much time to work on miniatures projects as you would like. I spend my time writing posts and building models instead. That said, it is awesome to write about one of my passions.

Finally, I took these 28mm MDF boats through the next step. Now, let’s take a look at what I got done.

The Ships – 28mm MDF Boats that I Plan to Use for WW2

A long while back, I built these three 28mm MDF boats. My intent is to use them for WW2 gaming. Let me show you them before I sprayed them with paint.

Review of the Sarissa Precision LCM for Bolt Action - 28mm MDF Boats
A Landing Craft by Sarissa Precision for Bolt Action with a Tank on board (LCM). The Review is here.
Higgins boat for 28mm gaming
A Sarissa Precision LCVP Higgins Boat. The Review is here. Sarissa makes some really beautiful models.
An extended Cargo Ship by TT Combat
A 28mm Extended Cargo Ship by TT Combat that I have yet to review. If you are after affordable MDF terrain, TT Combat offers a great deal of value.

The Next Step – Sealing the Ships with Shellac

After building these great 28mm models I shellacked the ships and cargo containers. Whether you need to do this differs by who you ask, but I don’t mind the extra step. It helps with the paint adhering and not soaking through the MDF material.

If you want to know more about sealing your MDF terrain before painting them, I have an article about it here.

Shellacking my mdf models before painting them
I sprayed all of the MDF terrain pieces with Shellac before painting. This is to help the paint adhere and not soak into the MDF.

Spraying them with Grey Primer

After spraying the boats with Shellac, I let them dry and then hit them with Grey Spray Paint Primer.

Spray Painting 28mm MDF Boats
To paint these 28mm boats by Sarrisa Precision, I sprayed them with Krylon Grey Primer. I picked this up from a craft store, but feel free to use whatever you want.
28mm MDF Boats - WW2 Landing Crafts
After one coat, they are looking pretty good.
Getting some spray painting done
I placed them aside to dry while I worked on the other pieces.
28mm Landing Craft
After these 28mm MDF Boats dried, I sprayed them with a second coat of primer.
TT Combat Extended Cargo Ship for 28mm gaming painted
Likewise, I sprayed this Extended Cargo Ship by TT Combat a couple of times.
A 28mm TT Combat Extended Cargo Ship
A look from higher up.
MDF Terrain Boats
Here they all are drying.

What’s Next for my 28mm MDF Boats?

At this point in time, the ships look good enough in my eyes to hit the tabletop, but I have further plans for them. I bought some craft store paints and I plan to dry brush on some lighter shade of grey onto the models. I might also use some other colours to pick out some details.

That is work for the future though. For those of you interested in these ships, let me share some links with you.

Links of Interest – 28mm MDF Boats for WW2

If you haven’t checked out my reviews of the Sarissa Precision Landing Crafts, please check them out. The links to them are at the start of this article. If you want to check out all of the great products that Sarrisa makes, their website is here. You can also check out TT Combat too. They are a fantastic company if you are after value.

If you are in North America, one of the friends of this site (Cardboard Dungeon Games) has a great amount of TT Combat terrain in stock, and it happens to be where I bought that Extended Cargo Ship from too.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking out my 28mm MDF Boats Work in Progress article. It is good to get out there and actually getting some painting done. I’ve wanted to do these up for a long time.

After a little bit of dry brushing, these boats will be ready to go on the tabletop.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!