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Ooh Rah Preview by Wargames Atlantic

Wargames Atlantic is a company that I love. They make so many great miniatures at extremely affordable prices. If you want an affordable proxy Imperial Guard army (I think they are called Astra Militarum now), then give Wargames Atlantic’s Death Fields line of miniatures a look.

Recently they showed off some preview pictures of some brand new 28mm minis inspired by American Soldiers for your Sci-Fi games. Check them out!!!

Ooh Rah Soldier Preview – 28mm Proxy Guard Minis based off of American Soldiers

Ooh Rah Sergeant
A Sergeant preview from a Facebook Preview. All of these pictures are from that Facebook Page. Now, let’s look at those other pictures too.
Ooh Rah Soldier - Proxy Imperial Guard Miniature - Astra Militarum
Nice. I am curious of what that is in his left hand. perhaps an explosive?
Weapon Support Soldier
A support weapon.
Ooh Rah Granader
Tossing a grenade.
Ooh Rah miniatures preview
A group of sliders with side arms and rifles.

Wrapping it up… 

Wargames Atlantic plans to outfit these minis with standard rifles (including underslung grenade launcher), pistols, shotguns, and a squad support weapon.

Right now they are looking for feedback on what weapons should be included on the sprues. If you want to leave ideas for them, you can check out their forum page or leave a comment on their announcement post of what you want to see in the boxed set.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Stan

    Great review and really good looking minis. Regarding the ‘whats in the left hand’…my guess is its a drum for the support weapon…best WAG, but looks similar to the support weapon figure that followed. Thanks for the post

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