You are currently viewing The Damned Exit Hell this May 30th – Free Sprues!

The Damned Exit Hell this May 30th – Free Sprues!

Wargames Atlantic is in full gear for their new miniatures range – The Damned. They hit Gamefound May 30th, and you can get a free sprue!

These awesome looking 28mm minis hit Gamefound with their project partners, MiniWarGaming, this Tuesday, May 30th. If you sign up for a notification on Gamefound before then, you can get a free sprue when you finally fund the project! If you are late, use that same link to get to the project!

The Damned

There is so much going on with this project, and I am excited to see where Wargames Atlantic goes with these minis!

Amazing miniatures for Proxy Traitor Guard Figures

Personally, I have a ton of miniatures from Wargames Atlantic in this line of their figures. They called the line Death Fields, and these new Damned miniatures are going to be the fullest range of them once the campaign is complete!

This line is going to have Heavy Weapons teams, Ogres, Infantry, Cavalry, and even a rumored Tank or Vehicle of some sort! All of these figures come in hard plastic – my favorite material to make minis out of.

An Imperial Guard Ogre - some of the best 40K proxy miniatures

Like always, Wargames Atlantic is hitting it out of the park!!!

An Ogre for 40K

While most of the preview minis to date have all of the figures painted in a color scheme one might expect from an army of Chaos, you can do them up differently.

Sonic Sledgehammer Studio actually got these miniatures ahead of time and takes us through how he painted the figures up in his own way. Check it out!

So awesome!!!

Oh yes, I mentioned they have cavalry too. If you want your force to hunt down enemy vehicles while riding on horseback with explosive-tipped spears, there is an option for that. The renders look really cool too!

28mm hard plastic rough riders not made by Games Workshop

Personally, I want to get my hands on the infantry and Heavy Weapons Teams. That is where it is at!!

The Damned Heavy Weapons Teams - Proxy Traitor Guard Miniatures for 40K

Rewards Incoming!

As with most Crowdfunding campaigns, MiniWarGaming and Wargames Atlantic have already hinted at the free gifts you could receive if you back the project. They’ve already unlocked a free sprue of infantry for everyone who follows the Gamefound Campaign before the launch date (May 30) and commits to buying three or more boxes of their miniatures through Gamefound. If they hit 3000 followers there before the date, they plan to add in a free sprue of Ogres.

Depending on how many kits you commit to buying, the level of rewards you receive will be different. Be sure to check it out to get a head start on figuring out how much you might want to spend to get even more free stuff!!!

Wrapping it up

Wargames Atlantic is an amazing company that puts out some really great products that I thoroughly enjoy at very affordable prices. This new Gamefound campaign is a different path for them than normal. Usually, they release their box sets fairly slowly for their ranges but do so without going to crowdfunding. This new approach will let them release six to eight kits for a single line of miniatures all at once. I find that very exciting!

If they do well enough on the campaign, they expect the results will help them release their plastic kits faster without going to crowdfunding. That’s awesome.

If these 28mm minis interest you, be sure to check out their Gamefound Campaign. You might even be able to pick yourself up some extra free sprues by backing the project.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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