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Review of 28mm Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors

In this post, I review the 28mm Skeleton Warriors miniatures by Wargames Atlantic. If you haven’t heard of Wargames Atlantic, they make great quality miniatures in hard plastic at very affordable prices. In fact, this box of 32 skeleton miniatures comes in at just $34.95 American at this point in time. That’s pretty competitive if you ask me!

The format of this review will be as follows…

  • A look at the box artwork
  • What comes in the box
  • What is on the Sprues
  • Groups of made figures
  • Scale comparison image
  • A closer look at some individual miniatures
  • Some kit bashing by Codex d’Araden (this also gives a further scale comparison to some more brands too)
  • The Review on YouTube
  • Advantages of the kit
  • Criticisms of the kit
  • A wrap up of the Review

Now, let’s get into it!!!

Disclaimer: Wargames Atlantic sent me a copy of these miniatures for review. As a note, I also reviewed these on YouTube and there is an imbedded video at the end for those interested in watching my thorough review.

The Box Art

If you are looking for Wargames Atlantic’s Skeleton Warriors, the miniatures come in this box.

Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors  Review
The cover of Wargames Atlantic’s Skeleton Warriors Box Set.
Back of the box artwork
And here is the back of the box.

I hear you asking, what is in the box? Well, let’s take a look.

What is in the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Plastic Miniatures Box Set?

Here it is, you get 8 plastic frames of skeleton miniatures. Aside from the integrated bases on 3/4s of the miniatures, there are no bases to speak of here.

What comes in the box
Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Plastic Miniatures Box Set comes with 8 identical plastic frames with no bases.

Now, Let’s zoom in on those frames.

Wargames Atlantic’s Skeleton Warriors Sprues

Here is what is on those frames. Each frame is the same as this one.

Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Sprue - Front of the plastic frame
The front side of the miniatures.
Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Sprue - back of the plastic frame
The back of the miniatures’ sprue.

Using these components, you can make a variety of skeletons in multiple poses.

The warriors I built with this box set
A look at four built figures each armed in a different fashion.

Keep in mind that you get 8 identical sprues. Each sprue contains…

  • 3 Spears
  • 1 Pike
  • 1 Sword
  • 2 Small Shields
  • 2 Large Shields, each in a different style
  • 1 Bow
  • 5 Skeleton Heads
  • 3 Skeleton Bodies with integrated bases
  • 1 Skeleton without an integrated base (body consists of 3 pieces – 2 legs, 1 torso)
  • 1 Skeleton animal skull (for standards or staffs)
  • A few random extra hands

Multiply that out by 8, and you get the following in each box of Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors.

  • 24 Spears
  • 8 Pike
  • 8 Sword
  • 16 Small Shields
  • 16 Large Shields, each in a different style
  • 8 Bow
  • 40 Skeleton Heads
  • 24 Skeleton Bodies with integrated bases
  • 8 Skeleton without an integrated base (body consists of 3 pieces – 2 legs, 1 torso)
  • 8 Skeleton animal skull (for standards or staffs)
  • A few random extra hands

Those are a lot of components, but if you are buying these to fulfill an army, keep in mind those tallied numbers. If you want large numbers of Skeleton Archers, this might not be the kit for you. If you want a bunch of Skeletons with some decent options, this very well could fit the bill.

Miniatures Built with Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Box Set

Now, I want to show you the miniatures I built. To save time, I will show you just some of the pictures that I took. If you want more, be sure to watch the YouTube video review at the end of this article. There are over 70 images in there.

Skeleton army from one Wargames Atlantic box of 28mm Skeleton Warriors
The entire army that I built with the contents of this box set. I used 25mm round MDF bases to make them similar to my other fantasy miniatures.

From this boxed set, I made…

  • 5 Skeleton Archers
  • 5 Skeleton Warriors armed with swords
  • 10 Skeleton Spearmen with small shields
  • 10 Skeleton Spearmen with larger shields
  • 1 Skeleton Necromancer
  • 1 Skeleton Champion armed with a sword and bow
Skeleton Archers
The archers.
Skeleton swrodsmen
Warriors with Swords.
Skeleton Warriors
10 Spearmen with smaller shields.
28mm Skeleton Warriors armed with spears
10 Spearmen with larger shields.
Skeleton Necromancer
The Necromancer. This guy could also be used as a standard bearer.

I don’t have a picture of the champion to share here, but he is in the video below. All of the miniatures here, I built using just the contents of this boxed set.

Scale Comparison Image

Below is a scale comparison image of the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors to other brands. You can see that they size up big compared to lines like Frostgrave, but are still shorter than 32mm figures.

Scale comparison - Wargames Atlantic Skeletons to Reaper miniatures, DGS Games, Frostgrave, and Oathmark
Left to right… Reaper Miniatures (32mm), Wargames Atlantic, DGS Games (32mm), Wargames Atlantic, Frostgrave (28mm – small side), Wargames Atlantic, Frostgrave (28mm – small side), Oathmark (28mm – small side).

Some more Skeletons

Since I am having fun with this post, I want to share some more images of the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors. Here you can see how the miniatures look individually.

Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warrior
This guy I used for the title image turned out great!
Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Archer
A Skeleton Archer.
Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors Review
I love the way these skeleton warriors turned out. They look great with the large shields.

The toughest of the group to build are the 8 without integrated stands. You have to glue the two legs to the body and the base. This can be tricky.

Spear throwing skeleton miniature by Wargames Atlantic
When you get it right, the skeletons with non-integrated bases offer more modelling possiblities.
Stripper skeleton
When you get them wrong, they look funny. This skeleton looks like a mildly inappropriate dancer to take into one’s spearman army.
Miniature Skeleton sitting down
By the end of the 8 minis without integrated bases, I was tired of dealing with them. I made this one sitting to make the modeling easier. Another one I didn’t even use the legs and chopped off part of the torso to make it look like it was coming out of the ground.

Now that you have seen what I did with just the contents of the box, let’s look how how Codex d’Araden combined them with other products to make some unique minis.

Kitbashing by Codex d’Araden

Some of you who follow me know that from time to time I show the work of Codex d’Araden. This guy loves kit bashing everything and is well worth following on Facebook if you like seeing unique minis. Today he let me share a few of his images with you to show how these skeletons look when kitbashed. One of the images will also give you a sense of how the minis scale up to the skeletons by Warlord Games for Warlords of Erehwon.

Codex Araden miniatures - kitbashing skeles.
A group of minis by Codex d’Araden.
Warlord Games vs Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors
On the outer sides are skeletons by Warlord games. In the center, miniatures by Wargames Atlantic but with Warlords of Erehwon heads.
Scale comparison of Wargames Atlantic Skeletons to Warlords of Erehwon Skeletons. Both considered 28mm.
Here he added a cape to the Wargames Atlantic miniature and used a different shield to indicate that he is a leader. This pictures gives a good sense of scale between the Skeleton miniatures by Wargames Atlantic and Warlord Games. The one by Wargames Atlantic is in the middle.
Codex d'Araden kitbashing
Because the Wargames Atlantic figures have bigger heads and body parts than the Warlord products, he used them to depict the leaders in his forces. The capes come from another models set, but he is not sure which. The large mini in the middle is a Sigmarine from Age of Sigmar modified to be an Undead Lord.

Again, some really cool work by Codex d’Araden. Thanks for letting me to use these images in this story. Now, let’s take a look at the YouTube Review.

28mm Skeleton Warriors Review on YouTube

The YouTube video below contains 70 images and is a very thorough review of the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors box set. It is well worth a watch.

A video review of Wargames Atlantic’s 28mm Plastic Skeleton Warriors Miniatures. This video contains over 70 images and is well worth a watch.

Below is my table of contents for the video. Use these time stamps for if you want to watch just specific parts of the review.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:35 What is in a box of Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors
  • 0:54 The Wargames Atlantic 28mm Skeleton Sprues
  • 1:27 The Miniatures that I made
  • 1:47 Skeleton Archers
  • 2:09 Skeleton Warriors
  • 2:43 Skeleton Spearman / Javelin Unit One – These are also the ones that I built without the integrated bases. A few are standing up while one sits and one is crawling out of the ground. Here I discuss how I took on the challenge of the 8 harder to build miniatures in the set.
  • 7:00 Second Spearman Group with Heavier Shields
  • 7:46 What did I do with my last two miniatures of the 32 mini set?
  • 7:54 Skeleton Champion
  • 8:00 Skeleton Necromancer / Standard Bearer
  • 8:22 The Full Group and details about the type of reviews I do on Must Contain Minis
  • 9:01 Review of the set, my thoughts and criticisms of the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors plastic miniatures set
  • 10:21 How are Wargames Atlantic Miniatures matched for Scale Comparison? Reaper vs Wargames Atlantic vs Frostgrave vs Oathmark (Reaper vs Wargames Atlantic vs North Star Military Figures scale comparison)
  • 11:25 Wrapping it up

As stated earlier, it is a very comprehensive video of the product.

Advantages of the Kit

Aside from the 8 skeletons without integrated bases, these miniatures are easy to build. Extremely easy and pleasant to work with. On top of that, this kit offers great value at $34.95 for 32 miniatures. It comes with a nice selection of weapons for if you want miniatures for a skirmish game (like Frostgrave), and if you want to make a massive amount of spearmen (for a game like Oathmark) these are great!

I also find the miniatures visually appealing and like that they are chunky. They don’t feel delicate to me.

Criticisms of the miniatures

While I really enjoyed these miniatures, I have two criticisms that I want to make sure that my readers are aware of.

First off, you have to know how you want to build your army. If you are looking for spearmen (or a mix of weapons), this is box set is great. If you want pikemen, bowmen, or swordsmen for any specific reason in a large quantity, you will either have to buy a lot of these boxes, kitbash or look at something else. As this box comes, you get just 8 pikes, 8 swords, and 8 bows per box of 32 miniatures. You also get 24 spears. That gives you some variety of how you can build them, but you can’t build them all with the same weapons.

The second criticism is that one miniatures per sprue of four figures is more difficult to build than the others. If you are good at modeling, this won’t matter. If you are a novice, know that you may be walking into a challenge with some of the kit. That said, you could also use those 8 figures as bits for bases and terrain elements if you don’t feel like building them up. You could also chop off their legs and have them coming out of the ground like I did with one in the video review.

Aside from those two observations, I am very happy with this kit.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this review of Wargames Atlantic’s 28mm plastic Skeleton Warriors box set. For people looking to make up an army of Skeleton Warriors at a great price, this is a fantastic option. The price is great and the minis inside are of really good quality.

So far, the products by Wargames Atlantic continue to impress me. Their hard plastic miniatures has the value miniatures market cornered in my opinion. 32 miniatures for $34.95. That’s a great value and the minis are pleasant to work with.

If you want to see some more great value kits, check out my Wargames Atlantic section.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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