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Law & Order – Police Miniatures by RAFM

In this post, we take a quick look at some Police Miniatures by RAFM. Scale wise, these are on the smaller side. My guess is that they would likely be considered “true 25mm” in stature. RAFM makes them as part of their Classic Cthulhu line, but I use them with 28s too.

Right now, Dave Lamers has them on his paint table. This post shows some pictures that he sent me of the minis. Now, let’s take a closer look.

The Police

Here we have two blister packs worth of minis. The two police offers on foot come in a blister of three figures and the motorcycle cops all come together in another.

As always, Dave did a great job on these figures. His pictures keep getting better too!
RAFM Police Motorcycle with sidecar miniature for 25 / 28mm gaming
Got to love it. A motorcycle with a sidecar! Neat mini RAFM.
The full group together in Dave’s original photograph.

Wrapping it up…

These are some cool miniatures from a classical line of Cthulhu related minis by RAFM. If you are looking for these to add to your own collection, the motorcycle cops code is RAF02991. They come in at $12.95 for the two motorcycles and cops attached to them. The other two cops are part of figure pack RAF02918. These miniatures come in at $8.95 for the three figures. I did not picture the detective in this post.

If you haven’t looked at RAFM’s Cthulhu line of miniatures before, they have two lines. One is their classic series. This is their older figures. The other is their RAFM Cthulhu Miniatures – New line. The new line is larger than size than the older sets. That said, you get more figures per dollar in the older sets and you can buy the human figures in packs of three – generally at different points of sanity.

Special thanks goes out again to Dave for sharing these pictures of his work.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    These seem very useful for Pulp adventures like those supported by Pulp Alley.

    …which I’d really like to see reviewed by you! While on the subject, I’m on a binge (?) of collecting light skirmish games, typically from Osprey. I’ve found a whole “family” of games you’ve probably heard of and possibly even mentioned here, which I’d love to see reviewed by you: Hardwired/Nightwatch and Zona Alfa, all by the same author.


    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Andres,

      Thank you as always for the comment. Zona Alfa is on my review list for sure. I have a copy and I submitted a request to Osprey for some images but I have not heard back yet. I might just take my camera and snap a few pictures and write about the book. I haven’t tried Hardwired/Nightwatch, but I have heard good things.

      Pulp Alley is on my list that I want to try with others. It is one that I would be looking for a participation game of if Conventions were still a thing. Maybe next year. You might see a story about it yet.

      Thanks again!

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