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Constitution Battlefleet Review – Dystopian Wars

In this post, we celebrate America entering into Dystopian Wars with this brand new Constitution Battlefleet Review. If you have been wondering about these ships (or Dystopian Wars in General), then this post is for you!

In this post, you will get a good look at the ships of the Constitution Battlefleet, the sprues in the box, how the ships build and even a scale comparison image at the end.

Special thanks goes out to Warcradle Studios for sending me this product for review.

Now, let’s get into it.

Opening the Box

As with all of the products that I looked at by Warcradle Studios so far, this package looks good. They know what they are doing with their branding and artwork. Look at the cover art of the box. Really cool.

Constitution Battlefleet Review for Dystopian Wars
The Artwork of the Constitution Battlefleet Set.

On the back of the box, Warcradle shows you all of the ship variants that you can make with this set.

Constitution Battlefleet - Back of the box
The back of the box shows you the weapon options you can take and the fact that you can build the cruisers in four different ways.

Slip the sleeve off, and you find a nice box. It is the same style as the Tempelhof Battlefleet that I reviewed earlier. There will be a link to that review at the end of the article.

Unboxing the package
Again, these are nicely designed boxes. They make you feel like you are opening up something special.

Inside you find the sprues to the models.

What you see when you open the model kit
This is how the box looked when I took off the lid. Very pleasing.
The plastic sprues in the box
Take the wrapped stuff out and the sprues remain. We will take a closer look at those next.

Inside the box, you find all of the sprues to these miniatures. Upon further inspection, I noticed that one of the sprues was cut into two pieces to fit into the box better. Let’s look at those two half sprues.

The Sprues of the Constitution Battlefleet

Constitution Battlefleet Review - Sprues
Here we have one of the plastic frames of Dystopian Wars Constitution Battlefleet.
Constitution Battlefleet Back of the sprue
The opposite side of the sprue.
Constitution Battlefleet Review - Second Sprue
The second Half of the Constitution Battlefleet Sprue.
Back of the sprues
The opposite side of the sprue.

Now that we’ve looked at the sprue, let’s build some ships!

Building the Ships of the Constitution Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars

The Farragut Class Frigates

I found the frigates in this box set fiddly to build. They turned out nice, but they were more difficult to build than the destroyers in the Templehof Battlefleet that I reviewed earlier. Take a look at all of these pieces for a fairly small model.

The Farragut Class Frigate in pieces
These pieces go together to build the Farragut Class Frigates.

Some days, I like this number of pieces in such a small miniature. Today I was happy when I moved on to the Cruisers. While the complexity of this piece was not a selling point to me today, it may be a selling point to you.

At the end of the article, there is a link to the Dystopian Wars Build Guides. You can use that as a resource after you are done reading this review to help determine if this is a kit that you want to pursue.

Let’s look at one of the build pictures.

Building a fiddly miniatures
My opinion is that the fiddliest part to assemble in the whole kit was attaching the deck to the body of the ship. It involved some minor puzzling skills to get the deck to its proper position. The picture above shows you how I got the deck in place before gluing it to the model.

Once you build the ship though, it looks nice. Check it out!

The Farragut Class Frigate
A Farragut Class Frigate.

You get four of these ships in the set. Here is a look at them from different angles.

Union Frigates for Dystopian Wars
The group of four frigates from the Constitution Battlefleet Set by Warcradle Studios.

Fortunately I found this ship to be the most fiddly in the bunch. It got better from here. Now, let’s move on to the Rotor Crafts.

The Akron Observation Rotor

I found the Arkon Observation Rotor to be the easiest ship to build in the whole set. They act as special escorts to your Flagship and Cruiser units.

Akron Observation Rotors
These Akron Observation Rotor crafts for the Union fleet are single piece models. All you have to do is glue a stand to a base and then glue the ship to that base.

Let’s move on to the Cruisers.

Building the American Cruisers – The Yorktown and Lexington.

You can build the cruisers in four different ways. To enable this flexibility, Warcradle packs in a lot of pieces. Check out this little pile.

Parts of a Union Cruiser
Above are all of the pieces to the American Cruisers. The pieces above are for just one ship, but they give you the option between four variants.

I found the cruisers easier to build than Farragut Class Frigates. I built them as the two largest ships. The Yorktown and the Lexington.

Building a Yorktown cruiser
A look at the Yorktown Cruiser during the build.
The Yorktown Cruiser - Constitution Battlefleet Review
This is the Yorktown Cruiser before placing the large guns on it. Based on your desires, you can take the ship with two heavy guns or with two heavy rockets (or any variant between the two). If you want, you can sub out a weapon for a generator. You can find all of the details in the force Orbat on the Dystopian Wars Website Faction section (link at the end of the article).

The Yorktown and Lexington Cruisers - Constitution Battlefleet Review
The Lexington (Left) and the Yorktown (Right) side by side.

The difference between the two ships build wise is that the Lexington has an extended rear deck with an extra gun.

Building the Lexington
This part here is the main difference (build wise) between the Lexington and the Yorktown.

More Pictures of the Cruisers

The Cruisers are so nice that I wanted to leave more pictures of them in this Constitution Battlefleet Review.

The Yorktown
The Yorktown with its giant guns.
The Yorktown - Dystopian Wars
These ships look nice. I detect a Wild West feel as the weaponry has a revolver like appearance.
Yorktown Cruiser
The rear of the ship.
The Lexington Cruiser - Constitution Battlefleet Review
The Lexington.
Lexington Cruiser
The rear of the Lexington Heavy Cruiser.

Personally, I like the look of these ships. I also liked that I found them less fiddly to build than the Farragut Class Frigates.

Now, let’s move on to the flagship. The Constitution.

The Constitution Class Battleship

The Flagship of the fleet comes in two resin pieces.

Constitution Battlefleet Review
The pieces of the Constitution Class Battleship.

This Ship was easy to build, but I found this spot below a little bit of a mental chore to clean. I worried about clipping off part of the model.

Constitution Review - Dystopian Wars
I was a little nervous about cleaning off this part from the model. A clip with the clippers and some shaving with a hobby knife and it turned out okay.
Dystopian Wars miniatures building
That knob cleaned off nicely enough. I was just worried about hurting the model, but nothing was damaged.

With the piece clean, I built the model. You get the guns for the ship off of the plastic sprues. Don’t worry, this kit has enough big guns to arm all of your Cruisers and the flagship with the same weapons if you wish.

The resin ship before the plastic parts
The Ship before adding on the weapons.
Constitution Battlefleet Review
Add on the guns and you have a nice ship.
The Constitution Battleship
A look at the ship approaching.
Constitution Battleship
And the ship leaving.

With all the ships built, let’s put them all together.

The Completed Constitution Battlefleet for Dystopian Wars

Constitution Battlefleet Review - The full fleet from the box
Here is a look at the full fleet.

I’ve armed all of the big ships with Heavy Guns. If you want, you can sub those guns out for Heavy Rockets. Warcradle Studios gives you enough rockets to arm all the slots except one with Heavy Rockets. That just means that one of the ships has to take a generator or gun as an option instead of a full load of Heavy Rockets.

Constitution Battlefleet Review - Exchanging Weapons - Heavy Rockets
Here I switched out all of the guns for Heavy Rockets and one Generator. Honestly though, the Americans are pretty good with the guns, so I would likely run them with guns onboard instead of rockets.

Before moving on, here is another image of the fleet.

The Fleet assembled
Another image of the fleet. The pile of bits on the left is a grouping of alternative weapons and generators for the group. You could magnetize them, or just use the peg system and use them as parts that you can change out between games to customize your fleet.

Constitution Battlefleet Review Scale Comparison

What review would be complete without scale comparison images.

Scale Comparison Image - Dystopian Wars - Constitution Battlefleet Review
A Frostgrave Mini (left) and Primaris Space Marine beside Dystopian Wars for Scale comparison purposes. These ships are scaled 1/1200 for those that like those kind of details.
Scale Comparison Image - Dystopian Wars - Constitution Battlefleet Review
A look at the minis from the top down. The frostgrave mini is on a 25mm round base. The Space Marine is on a 32mm base.

These ships are fairly large.

The next section gives you links to various related resources and after that, I am going to wrap up the review with my thoughts on the product.

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Below you will find related articles and links that you may enjoy. They all act to either give you more information about Dystopian Wars or to send you to other articles mentioned in this piece. Let’s start with how you can obtain these miniatures.

Shopping for Dystopian Wars and the Constitution Battlefleet

Do you like the models in this post and want to buy some for yourself?

If you are lucky enough that your FLGS or favorite online retailer sells Warcradle products, I suggest that you buy there. If this is not the case (or if you just want to buy from the manufacturer), you can check out Wayland Games. I placed links below to help steer you to the products.

In the interest of full disclosure, if you use an affiliate link, I get a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

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Wrapping it up…

I hope that you enjoyed this Constitution Battlefleet Review for Dystopian Wars. Overall, I like this model kit. That said, I do want to let you know that my opinion of it is that difficulty of the kit is at a slightly higher level than that of the Templehof Battlefleet set that I built earlier.

While I liked building these ships, I preferred building the Templehof Battlefleet set. I think the reason for that is because I found the ships in the Templehof set easier to build, and I like their look.

If you like the aesthetics of the ships in this post, or are looking for a model a little more complex to build than some of the other models in the line, then you will probably like this kit.

So far, I am really liking what I see from Warcradle for Dystopian Wars. How about you? Do you have a favourite nationality yet?

Right now, I am liking the Imperium, the Enlightened and the Commonwealth ships the most. That can change though as we see new products release.

As a note, the ships from the Constitution Battlefleet all belong to the Union fleet.

Thanks again for joining me in this Dystopian Wars Review of the Union Constitution Battlefleet.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!