You are currently viewing Part 2 – Oathmark Rangers Painted Miniatures Showcase

Part 2 – Oathmark Rangers Painted Miniatures Showcase

In this article, we take a second look at some work by Les Mandeville of Underground Painter’s Desk. Today, we admire the second set of Oathmark Light Elf Infantry miniatures he painted as Elf Rangers.

If you like these miniatures. and the ones from part 1, Les does take on Commissions. I found him very polite and pleasent to work with. As I mentioned in the previous post, I gave him free rein to base the miniatures how he wanted and to use whatever colour scheme he wished as long as they looked like either assassins or wood elves (or a combination of the two). I built the miniatures.

Now, let’s take a look at those models.

The First Set of Rangers

Before getting into today’s minis, here is a group shot of the minis from last week’s showcase.

Oathmark Rangers - 28mm Light Elf Infantry
The first five rangers I want to show are all armed with drawn bows.

The Second Set of Rangers

And here is the second set of Light Elf Infantry that Les painted.

28mm Elf Miniatures
The second set of Rangers painted by Underground Painter’s Desk.

Now, let’s take a closer look at today’s minis.

A Closer Look at Oathmark Rangers Painted Miniatures

As a reminder, these miniatures are 28mm and I have a scale comparison image in the review article. Now, let’s check these guys out!

Oathmark Ranger with a sword drawn
The Leader of the group.
Back of the model - 28mm ranger with bow and sword
There’s some nice detailing painted onto the quiver.
Oathmark Rangers - 28mm miniature
What a nice looking mini.
Oathmark Rangers - 28mm bowman with knife
So awesome. Some people mentioned that I mounted the quivers in the wrong place. I am okay with it. They are miniatures for a fantasy game anyhow, and check out how well they are painted!
28mm elf infantry with a leather helmet
Another angle on that same mini.
An Oathmark Ranger - he would make an awesome Dungeons and Dragons Character mini for an Elf Ranger too!
Wow!!! Absolutely stunning!
The back of the miniature
The back of the mini. You can see from this angle that the hood has a fold along its opening. Cool detail.
28mm miniature Elf Ranger by North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games.
These minis are so much fun.
North Star Military Figures Oathmark Rangers
And here we have the last one of this group of 5.

As you may have noticed, I did up all of these minis except one with the hood option. I also opted to give this group face coverings too.

Wrapping it up…

There you have it! Part 2 of well painted Oathmark Elf Ranger Miniatures by Les Mandeville of Underground Painter’s Desk. If you like his work, he is based out of Brampton, Ontario, Canada and well worth a look.

These miniatures are made by North Star Military Figures for Osprey Games‘ Oathmark.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!