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Dystopian Wars Review of Tempelhof Battlefleet

Have you ever wondered about the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set, or the other ships, in the newest version of Dystopian Wars?

In this post, we take a close look at the new Tempelhof Battlefleet for the Imperium Faction of Dystopian Wars. In this review, you will see the sprues and the unboxed product. I also show all the variants of the ships you can build with this set and talk about my thoughts on the collection. To end off, I even share a scale comparison image. That image will give you a sense of the size and scale of these miniatures.

In the interest of full disclosure, Warcradle Studios sent me these miniatures for review purposes. There are also links within this post that earn me a commission if you make a purchase from them. I identified those links as Affiliate Links.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into to this review of the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars by Warcradle Studios.

The Packaging

Just like the Wild West Exodus minis that I reviewed earlier (link in the “Relevant Links” section at the end of this article), these miniatures by Warcradle feel special to open. Just look at that box.

Tempelhof Battlefleet Box Art
The art on this box set is superb.
Back of the Box - Dystopian Wars Prussian Support Ships and Carriers.
On the back of the box, they show you all of the variants that you can make with this model kit. I will show you those actual builds further below.
Opening a Warcradle Studios Box. These packages are really nice.
After you slide the slip off, you find a high quality box. This could be the same type of box as high end chocolates for your significant other. Instead, they are treats for us. Miniatures!

Upon opening the box, we find the plastic sprues and resin parts.

Unboxing the Kit

Upon opening the lid, here is what I found.

Unboxing the Tempelhof Battlefleet for Dystopian Wars
The giant resin carrier is in bubble wrap and you can see 16 bases in baggies.
Plastic frames for Prussian support ships
Remove those and there are two levels of plastic sprues. Both sprues are the same.

Sprues of the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set

I took the sprues out of the box and took some pictures. This way you can get a good look of what is on the plastic frames. Here are those images.

Tempelhof Battlefleet Plastic Frame back
Here you can see the fighter and bomber tokens along with the backs of many of the parts. Notice the numbers. Warcradle corresponds those to those numbers with the directions on their instruction manuals to help you build the ships.
Tempelhof Battlefleet plastic frame - front - Dystopian Wars Sprue
And the other side of the sprue. Both are identical and there are nice details on these models.
Resin Carrier Parts - Dystopian Wars
Here is that giant carrier. The details are crisp but made of resin. The fighter token their is reversible. The other side has a bomber on it. You can choose which type of planes (or SRS tokens) your ships have with this part. I plan to leave it unglued so I can change it on the fly.

Building the Ships of the Tempelhof Battlefleet

Building the ships is extremely straight forward. There are directions on the internet too. There will be links to help you find them at the end of the article.

All the cruisers go together in a similar way for the bottoms of the ships. The way you set up top of the ship (the loadouts on the rails) dictates the type of ship that you made.

The Prussian Cruisers

Building Imperial Ships for Dystopian Wars
The starting of a cruiser. The bottoms are the same for all three cruiser variants.
The Volsung Cruiser
I placed the gun a little too far forward, but in this configuration the cruiser acts a close range monster! This is the Volsung Class Ship. You can then choose to place a radar or flak gun on the top of the bridge.
The Reiter Flak cruiser
This cruiser variant goes full on with flak guns. This is the Reiter Class Cruiser.
Changing out the load out of an imperial ship in Dystopian Wars
If you move the bridge further up, you can change this into the Konrad Carrier Ship.
A Konrad Carrier for Dystopian Wars - Part of the Imperial Fleet - Prussians.
Here we have the Konrad Carrier version of the ship. I built both my cruisers in this configuration.

Now, I want to voice out some criticisms about the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set. If you want to build the Reiter cruiser, you can build just one from the kit. There are not enough flak guns for two Reiters and the Carrier.

Also, If you want to build the short range Volsung, you can build two with the flak guns on top, or just one if you opt to place a radar on top of the bridge. Again, this is due to the plastic parts that the carrier ship uses from the plastic frames.

While you have a small limitation on which cruisers you can build two of in this battlefleet, the upcoming Imperium Support Squadrons box set (link further down in the article) will address this issue as there is no carrier to worry about in those sets.

Now, let’s look at the Destroyers.

The Frigates / Destroyers

Off of the plastic sprue, there are two ways to build the destroyers. You will find no limitation on which variant you can build. You can build four of either type.

The Toten Class and Sigimer Class Destroyers for Dystopian Wars. Imperium ships
On the left, we have the Toten Class Destroyer that specializes in close range attacks. On the right, the Sigimer Destroyer which is good for short to medium range attacks.
A close up of the Sigimer class Destroyer from the Tempelhof Battlefleet Box Set.
I built all four of my destroyers as the Sigimer Class Ships. The details on these minis are great. How large are they? We are getting to that. There are still scale comparison images further down in this article.

Now, let’s look at that large carrier.

The Carrier Flagship

Here we have the Tempelhof Carrier, which is the heart of the Tempelhof Battlefleet. It is a nice looking ship and, again, the details are crisp. As a note, this ship is resin and the flak guns and radar are all plastic. To put it together you will need super glue.

Once together, it looks really good.

The Tempelhof Carrier
Here is the Tempelhof Carrier. This one is equipped to carry fighters, but you can flip the token with the plane on it around to represent bombers.

A Closer Look at Some of the Details

These ships are really nice. Below are a couple of pictures showing off some more details in the miniatures.

A look at the detail levels on Dystopian Wars miniatures by Warcradle Studios. Specifically, a miniature from the Tempelhof Battlefleet.
Check this out. Warcradle Studios goes so far as to give you planes to place under the ramp. I am not sure who is going to see them on the wargame table, but if you like details, you will likely like these minis.
A shot looking at the details of the Tempelhof Carrier.
Another shot of the Flagship Carrier. Again, nice detail work. You can see a little door to the citadel and little resin broadside guns too. The broadside guns come attached to the model.

Overall, I really like these miniatures and would love to look more at the Imperium fleet in the future.

Up next, we look at the completed battlefleet followed by some scale comparison images and related links.

The Complete Tempelhof Battlefleet Constructed

Once you assemble the box, here is what you get. Again, you can choose how to assemble the ships differently. That means that if you buy this box set, you may end up with a different looking fleet than mine.

The Tempelhof Battlefleet
Above is my completed Tempelhof Battlefleet. I reversed the plane token on the Tempelhof Carrier to represent its loadout as a ship full of bombers. Overall, a nice looking fleet.

Once on the tabletop, this Dystopian Wars fleet can launch eight fighter crafts and four bombers. To represent the extra fliers, Warcradle gives you extra bases to stack your flight token onto.

Another shot of the Tempelhof Battlefleet
A look at the same fleet with the extra bases they give you to represent extra squadrons of fighters and bombers.

If you build the fleet to launch all fighter squadrons, you can end up launching a total of 16 squads. If you load it up to launch bombers, you can launch a total of 12 craft squadrons (consisting of 8 fighters and 4 bombers). That is a lot of fighter power in the sky. I like it.

Now, let’s get an idea of how big these ships really are.

Scale Comparison Images – Dystopian Wars and the Tempelhof Battlefleet

Below are scale comparison images to give you an idea of the size of these miniatures versus other manufactures.

First up, I have a galleon from Oak & Iron. The scale of that game is 1/600. The scale of Dystopian Wars is 1/1200. That means that if we downscaled the galleon to be inline with the ships from Dystopian Wars, it would be half its current size. That said, here is how they look on the tabletop.

Scale Comparison... Oak & Iron vs Dystopian Wars
Left to right, a Konrad Cruiser from Dystopian Wars, a galleon from Oak & Iron, a Tempelhof Carrier from Dystopian Wars.

If you are familiar with Oak & Iron, you will realize that these Dystopian Wars ships are fairly sizable. The galleon happens to be the largest ship in the Oak & Iron Starter Set. For more on them, there is a review linked in the “relevant links” section of this article.

For those of you not familiar with Oak & Iron, here are the ships with a Primarus Space Marine.

Scale Comparison 40K vs Dystopian Wars
I just like this image. This is a scale comparison between Dystopian Wars and Warhammer 40K. Lol!
Scale comparison of the Tempelhof Battlefleet vs a Warhammer 40,000 Primarus Space Marine. The ships are so big! Compare the size of the base to the ships.
And a top down look at the same scale comparison image. The Tempelhof Battlefleet is fairly sizable.

Before finishing off this review of the Dystopian Wars Tempelhof Battlefleet, I am going to share with you some links that you may find worth a look.

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Shopping for Dystopian Wars and the Tempelhof Battlefleet

Like the models in this post and want to buy some for yourself? Here are some links for you. Of course, if you are lucky enough that your FLGS or favorite online retailer also sells these, you can buy from there too.

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An in depth review of the contents of the Dystopian Wars Tempelhof Battlefleet Set by Warcradle Studios.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in my review of Warcradle Studio’s Tempelhof Battlefleet Set. Overall, it is a very pleasurable boxed set to construct. The ships have excellent detail and are fun to build.

I really like that you can make each of the ships in different ways, and my only criticism of the whole set is that there are some variants of the cruisers that you can build just one of from this box set (instead of two). The reason for this is that the flagship carrier – the Tempelhof – uses some of the same components (the flak guns and radar) as some of the cruiser variants.

That said, you can still build around it, and if you want more of the limited ship types (like the Reiter Flak Cruiser), you can look into the upcoming Imperium Support Squadrons boxed set [Affiliate Link]. That will be coming out later this month and it will give you a way to bolster your number of those ships.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!