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Ice Maiden Review – Dystopian Wars

Warcradle Studios just released their biggest miniature to date. That miniature is the Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars. Welcome to my Ice Maiden Review.

This is the second part of my review of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet. To see the first part, check out my article “Unboxing the Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars.” In that post, I show off the sprues and show you what is in the box. In this post, I am going to build the Ice Maiden and show you the other ships too.

If you prefer videos, there is a video review near the end of this article.

Building the Ice Maiden Battlefleet by Warcradle Studios
In this post, I build a giant model by Warcradle Studios. Meet the Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars.

Now, let’s get into it.

Building the Ice Maiden

This ship is a huge hunk of hollow resin. You then arm it with weapons off of the cruiser sprues that come with it. You can arm the ship in one of three ways. That said, if you magnetize the parts you could probably build all three variants and shift the weapons to the cruisers when not in use on the Ice Maiden.

I did not magnetize this project. Instead, I built the weapons on sleds. In the end, I made two of the three different variants of the Ice Maiden.

Building the Ice Maiden
The Ice Maiden uses weapons from the Cruiser Sprues. Depending on how you arm this ship, you will find it limits your choices for cruisers. You could reduce this issue by magnetizing or not gluing down the parts, but I glued down my parts on the cruisers.
Ice Maiden Review for Dystopian Wars
This is how the built Ice Maiden looks.
The Ice Maiden with modular front end weapons
I made it so the large guns could come out. Nothing special here, I just didn’t glue down the weapons sleds to the ship.
Rearming the Ice Maiden
And I made a second set of guns that can go in place of the big ones. To use a different variant of the Ice Maiden, all I have to do is exchange the large weapons.
Two different weapons loadouts for the Ice Maiden
A look at the Ice Maiden and the weapons sleds I made to change the variant. There is one other set of weapons that you could use, but I needed them for my cruisers. If you magnetize them (or glue them differently), then you could likely exchange the weapons between the cruisers and the Ice Maiden.

Now, let’s look at some of the other ships that I built.

The Cruisers

Below are pictures of the cruisers that I built from this boxed set.

Two types of cruisers from the box set
These are the two cruiser types that I built up with this kit. You can build different ships if you want. One has a heavy long range gun and the other has a couple of deck guns good at medium range.
Dystopian Wars - Ice Maiden Battlefleet review
The two ships from a side view.

I built three of each of the two cruiser types above. that gives me a total of 6 cruisers in this boxed set.

Dystopian Wars - trains loading guns onto a ship
In the lore, the cruisers are loaded by train track. If you don’t glue them down (or if you magnetize), you could use the ships as a few variants. For my purposes, I glued all the bits down.
Dystopian Wars Imperium Cruisers
The cruiser with the big guns can be armed with heavy rockets instead. I did not glue these down. The weapons I can change out as I wish. The turrets come on pegs, but you could magnetize them.

Now, Let’s look at the other ships.

The Destroyers and Frigates

This kit comes with six destroyers and six frigates. The destroyers come with a choice of how to build them.

1/1200th Destroyer miniatures
The Destroyers can be built to specialize in short range (left side) or medium range (right side) attacks. I built them both ways, but I recommend that you build them all the same way. That way will likely be the variant on the right. You use the short range guns on the Ice Maiden, so I don’t think you would have enough guns to make the whole fleet as the short ranged destroyers.
Dystopian Wars Imperium Destroyers
The six destroyers that I built.
Dystopian Wars Imperium Destroyer and Frigate
Above, we have a Destroyer. Below it is the frigate.
Imperial Frigates for Dystopian Wars
There is only one way to build the frigates and you get six in there.

Bringing Together the Full Fleet

Here we have the entire fleet. I have to say that I am enjoying these new miniatures for Dystopian Wars. I really like that most ships have a few different ways that you can build them.

Ice Maiden Battlefleet - built
Check out this built battlefleet. So awesome! I really enjoy building these miniatures.

The YouTube Review of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars

If you prefer video, or want to support my work further by watching a YouTube video, below is my video review. It includes an unboxing of the kit and a speed build of the model.

If the embedded video below does not work, you can also find it at this link.

A video review of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set by Warcradle for Dystopian Wars.

How to Get Your Own Ice Maiden

If you are interested in getting this brand new Battlefleet boxed set for yourself, be sure to check out your favourite retailers. If they do not carry the product, you can check the price through Wayland Games from here. In the interest of full disclosure, the links to Wayland games are affiliate links and if you use them a portion of the purchase price goes to Must Contain Minis at no extra cost to you.

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You can also check out my Tempelhof Review. The contents of that boxed set made it into a lot of the scale comparison images in this post.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this review of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet set. I have to say that these are really neat miniatures and I enjoyed building them. My favourite feature is that there are multiple ways that you can build the kit. If you don’t like that freedom, Warcradle does point you in a suggested direction with the included book.

Special thanks goes out again to Warcradle Studios for sending me this product for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!