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Unboxing the Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars

In this post, I unbox the Ice Maiden for Dystopian Wars. This new ship (and full Battlefleet) is the biggest release to date for Dystopian Wars since the Hunt for the Prometheus. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look.

Special thanks goes out to Warcradle Studios for sending me this product for review.

The Ice Maiden Box Art

As with all of the products I received so far from Warcradle Studios, their packaging looks good.

The Box Art just looks good!

On the back of the box, they show you exactly what is in there.

For those of you who know the rules of Dystopian Wars, this is an entire fleet! You can build the ships in a number of different ways. If you are new, Warcradle gives you suggestions on how to build the fleet. On top of that, the flagship is extremely large too!

Unboxing the Ice Maiden

The cover slides off of the box. It is a sleeve. Underneath, we find a black box. Upon opening it, a number of sprues greet us.

This is what I saw when I first opened my Ice Maiden box.
Underneath a couple of sprues, there is a book that tells you how to build the ships and gives you the stats of the recommended ships.
Underneath that, I found some more sprues and some bases to represent flight tokens. After those is the star of the show.
This is the Ice Maiden. What a great looking ship. This ship is built on an ice generator and my guess is that it will draw a lot of fire in the game.

Beauty Shots of the Ship

In this post, I am not building the ship. Instead, I show you what comes in the package. That said, I will show you some more pictures of this floating monstrosity.

Warcradle did a really nice job on this one.

What a great looking ship.
This ship carries more weapons and airpower than anything else currently in the game.

Now, I want to show you the sprues that come with this ship.

Accompanying Sprues

In addition to the Ice Maiden, Warcradle packs in six other sprues into this boxed set.

In addition to the giant iceberg ship, you also get six additional frames of boats to build!
You may remember this frame from my Tempelhof Review. In that review, I built every single ship variant that you can build with this sprue.
This is the other side of the plastic frame that I showed above. You get three of these in this box set.

And you get a second style of plastic frame in addition to the one above. You get three frames of each.

These ships are going to be fun to build. This is my first time seeing them, but they did come out with the Elector Battlefleet Set and are also found in the Imperium Frontline Squadrons.
And the opposite side of the ships.

With the Sprues out of the way, let’s do some Dystopian Wars scale comparison images.

Scale Comparisons

Dystopian Wars is a 1/1200 scale game. That said, let me show you a scale comparison image. Below is a size comparison of the Ice Maiden compared to some miniatures that likely everyone will know.

Check out the size of that ship compared to a Primaris Space Marine and a Chaos Cultist.

So, how big is the Ice Maiden versus other Dystopian Wars ships? Huge! Take a look at the pictures below to find out exactly how large it truly is.

Here the Ice Maiden sits along the Tempelhof – another flagship sized ship.
Left to right: The Ice Maiden versus the Tempelhof Carrier versus the Konrad Carriers. The Ice Maiden carries as many fighters and bombers as the three ships beside it can combined. It also comes with way more fire power than the other ships.
Here I placed the ship alongside the enter Tempelhof fleet.
And the same scene from a higher angle.

Warcradle certainly made the Ice Maiden big compared to everything else they put out so far.

How to Get Your Own Ice Maiden

If you are interested in getting this brand new Battlefleet boxed set for yourself, be sure to check out your favourite retailers. If they do not carry the product, you can check the price through Wayland Games from here. In the interest of full disclosure, the links to Wayland games are affiliate links and if you use them a portion of the purchase price goes to Must Contain Minis at no extra cost to you.

Now, here are some links that you may find useful.

On top of these, I have more links that you may enjoy.

Relevant Links

Below are sites that will interest you if you want to learn more about Dystopian Wars.

You can also check out my Tempelhof Review. The contents of that boxed set made it into a lot of the scale comparison images in this post.

The YouTube Unboxing

Below is a video of me unboxing, building and reviewing the Ice Maiden. If the embedded video does not work, you can also find it with this link here.

A YouTube unboxing, build and review of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set by Warcradle Studios.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this unboxing post about the Dystopian Wars Ice Maiden. I found the miniature very impressive and look forward to building the set. Once I build them, I will showcase the fleet here on this site. Make sure to come back for more.

Value wise, I believe that this battlefleet is a good deal. It is right in line with the price of two squadrons of ships and a single battlefleet. That gets you a similar number of ships, but the Ice Maiden is way larger than any of the other flagships to date.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!