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Elder Dice: Cthulhu Dice Review

Gaming Accessories are always nice to have, and when Heath Robinson asked if I wanted to check out his Elder Dice, I jumped at the chance. This post is a quick review of the Cthulhu Elder Dice that he sent to Must Contain Minis. In the interest of full disclosure, I received these at roughly half-price as I paid for my own shipping. Thank you very much Heath for these dice.

The set I received contains dice common to Role Playing Games (1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 3d6 and 1d4), but they could also be used for miniatures games. In fact, a friend bought a bigger set of the dice and used his recently for a game of SAGA 2nd Edition (which is a miniatures game).

What makes these dice special is the icons on them and their highly decorated boxes. Now, let’s take a closer look at the Cthulhu Dice sent to us by Heath of Infinite Black.

Opening the Box

Cthulhu Elder Dice Box
Above is the box for the Cthulhu Elder Dice. It is a very nice looking box.
Opening an Elder Dice Box
Upon opening the box, some dice and a baggy greeted me. I didn’t expect a bag in there, but used it to “double pack” my dice. Is it necessary? I don’t think so, but it is nice of them to include. The artwork on the case is extremely nice.
Cthulhu Elder Dice in their box.
Remove the bag, and there are the dice. The box itself has a magnetic clip in the flap to hold the box shut and keep the dice safe during transport. The dice are a little out of focus here, so let’s take a closer look…
Cthulhu Dice by Infinite Black
A closer look at the dice. Not bad at all. Thanks Heath!!! They will go well together with my collections of Miniature Cultists (RAFM Cultists, Frostgrave Cultists, and GW Cultists). I am sure that list of cultist miniatures will grow in the future too. It is just one of the themes that I like to collect in my miniatures.

Overall, these are nice dice in a pretty package. For those that want Cthulhu themed dice, they are perfect!

While they are really nice dice, I do have a criticism.

Manufacturing Criticism – the Six Sided Dice

The dice look very nice, but all of my six-sided dice came with one identical blemish. One of the corners had a discoloured area. My guess is that the discoloured area is perhaps where the dice were cut apart during the manufacturing process, but I don’t really know the reason that the blemish is present.

D6 Blemish with Elder Cthulhu Dice
On the front right corner, you can see the blemish. All three of my six-sided dice came with that same discoloured corner.

After talking to a friend (who bought all of the Elder Dice), I learned that the blemish can be removed. To do so, you need a semi-rough surface (my gaming table / work bench works for that) with a microfiber towel placed on top. You then rub the corner of the die until the blemish is buffed out of the product. This technique worked well on my dice.

Fixing Elder Dice Blemish
Using a microfiber cloth on a hard surface, I rubbed at the blemish on the die. This rubbing action buffed out the flaw on the die.
Fixed Elder Die
This image is blown-up much more than the actual die. Here, the blemish is hardly noticeable. On the table (at a table distance), the blemish is gone.

I will admit, I was a little worried when I saw the blemish on the dice, but with a little work, the spot buffed out okay. Blemish or not though, these dice are very usable and look great.

Wrapping it Up

Whether you play RPGs or Miniatures Games, Custom Dice are a nice to have item. If you like Cthulhu related themes, these Elder Dice may be right up your alley. I know I like them and when I saw that a friend of mine bought more than enough six-sided dice for a wargame, I thought that was pretty cool! I would like to quickly thank Heath for providing me with these dice for review! Below are some pictures of them on the gaming table.

Elder Dice on TerraTiles
Elder Dice on TerraTiles (TerraTiles by RAINN Studios).
Cthulhu Elder Dice by Infinite Black
The Elder Dice Cthulhu Dice set on the tabletop. As you can see, the set came with a sleeve as well as a box. I am not sure if the sleeve is needed, but I view that as them giving you three levels to keep your dice safe – a baggy, a box with magnetic clip, and sleeve for that box.

The original Elder Dice came in three varieties and were available through a Kickstarter project. The collection in this post is the Cthulhu set.

Now, the guys at Infinite Black are at it again with another Kickstarter for three new dice sets. This time, the sets include the iconography of the Dream Lands, the Yellow Sign and the Necronomicon. My favourite looking set there is the purple Dream Lands. How about you? Which is your favourite of the new dice sets?

Finally, if you want to get your hands on the original Elder Dice (including this Cthulhu set), those sets are also available through this latest Kickstarter project.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Disclosure: Heath Robinson of Infinite Black Sent Must Contain Minis the Elder Dice Cthulhu Set (although we did pay for the shipping of the product). Thank you Heath for sending us these excellent dice. 

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