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Hero Stuffies – And Convention Vendors – Ragnarok 2022

This post about Hero Stuffies is something completely different for Must Contain Minis. When I went to the Ragnarok Gaming Convention that I previewed here earlier, I checked out the vendors. Among them was Thieves Bazaar. Thieves Bazaar makes handmade crochet plush toys of many favourite Sci-Fi, Comic Book and Gaming Characters.

The start of this post focuses on the Thieves Bazaar and at the end of the post I talk about all of the other vendors at the event and some of my thoughts about their products.

Now, back to those plush toys made by Thieves Bazaar.

A small selection of the stuffies at Ragnarok. Handmade crochet plush toys by the Thieves Bazaar.

I took some time to talk to the vendor at the Thieves Bazaar booth. She was very interesting and her passion for making plush toys shined right through every word she said. She talked about the design work she did to be create these hero stuffies and told interesting stories on why she made a number of the different characters.

Hero Stuffies by Thieves Bazaar
The entire collection of handmade crochet plush toys available for purchase from her booth. Looks like she even had dice bags there too.

Further down in this post there will be links to the vendor’s Facebook and Instagram pages, but let’s take a look at some more photos before I give you those details.

My Favourites in the Hero Stuffies Collection at Ragnarok

Thieves Bazaar had plenty of these plush toys available for purchase at the gaming convention that I attended. Below were my favourites.

A handmade crochet plush Cthulhu - My friend bought that one for himself.
On the top right, we have Cthulhu. So cool. One of my close friends bought that one. I don’t blame him. It is nice!
Porg stuffies roast another Porg. Chewbacca is hanging out with them.
Here I like Chewbacca and the Porgs the most. One poor Porg on a roasting stick is about to be roasted by his friends! So wrong, but so cute!

Links to the Thieves Bazaar

The Thieves Bazaar travels from event to event and sells their handmade plush toys at those venues. If you want to see more of their work, or which events they plans to attend, check out the Thieves Bazaar Facebook Page. You can also check them out on Instagram too.

Dunraven Designs – Another Interesting Vendor at Ragnarok 2022

Compared to the other miniature gaming conventions that I attend, Ragnarok has a unique set of sellers. While I didn’t find an online store for the Thieves Bazaar, this next vendor has an Etsy Page. This is Dunraven Designs.

Dunraven Designs Booth at Ragnarok 2022
The Dunraven Designs booth at Ragnarok 2022 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This vendor sold a number of interesting charms and decorations. If you are looking for Jewelry, Wands or Other Oddities, than this booth could have been of interest to you. On top of that, this booth was pretty popular with the children that came to the event with their parents.

One of my friends bought a fair bit from there for his daughters. That was awfully nice of him.

Now, let’s chat about the other vendors at the event.

Other Vendors at Ragnarok 2022

Aside from Hardsix Gaming, I did not get pictures of the other vendors at Ragnarok; however, I do want to speak to them. This way, if you are researching about Ragnarok 2023, at least you will know about the vendors that were there for the Sunday portion of the 2022 event. On the Saturday, I heard that there was another vendor that did not attend on the Sunday. Here are the ones that I saw.

Hardsix Gaming was at the event showcasing their very own miniatures and to talk about their upcoming rule system for a miniatures game. That’s up my alley. If you like large miniatures (36mm in scale), you might like these. There will be more about them in a future post.

HardSix Gaming with a display showcasing their upcoming game Kingdom and Empire.
Hardsix Gaming is a 36mm skirmish gaming company with their own line of miniatures and they are working on their own ruleset too. I will write more about them in a future post. Now, let’s quickly chat about the other vendors at the event.

Dan the Dice Guy attended the event with a ginormous stand of gaming dice and accessories. I have bought from him before. He has all sorts of dice and can fix you up with whatever you need (whether that be RPG dice or Six-Sided dice, or some sort of accessory). They even had LED dice at their table that had a charge station like that you would find for wireless earbuds. I haven’t seen that before.

At a smaller stand there was a new to me vendor called Canadian Dice. This guy’s booth looked absolutely fantastic. Their display was purposely minimalistic in design compared to the vendors I am used to, yet very effective. I looked at the table and I thought to myself that “whoever set this up knows how to make products look very appealing.” I wish I took a picture of this one. The guy running the store was very friendly, but I did not chat to him for too long.

From the Canadian Dice booth I found their dice scroll mats very interesting. I was also interested in their metal RPG dice in a set called “Old Men Rolling Dice.” They made those dice in collaboration with a group of podcasters by the same name. That website can be found here.

Finally there was a vendor at Ragnarok 2022 called Artisan Maille. They specialize in chainmaille and scallemaille fashion. I am not the right audience for them, but if you know people that this may interest, their website is here. Cool stuff nonetheless.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was a quick one looking at the vendors of Ragnarok 2022 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Compared to most of the miniature conventions I attended in the past, Ragnarok attracts vendors with a more broad appeal. I think that is because Ragnarok is not a miniatures first convention. Miniatures are an important part of their event, but they have strong representation of the Role Playing Game Community and board gamers too.

One of the vendors that I found very appealing at this event was the Thieves Bazaar. Their Character and Hero Stuffies were really cute! A lot of adult gamers were buying these for themselves, but some where buying them for their kids too.

I also really liked the display at Canadian Dice and learned about a new potentially up and coming game by Hard Six Gaming.

Thanks for checking out this report about the vendors at Ragnarok 2022.

I enjoyed this gaming convention in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and look forward to the next one in 2023. That event will happen on April 22nd and 23rd of 2023.

It is nice that the dates are already set. I will have to update the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page in the future to reflect this new information.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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