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Ragnarok Rocks the Hall This Weekend!!!

It has been a long time since I last went to a gaming convention. In fact, it was 2019 when I last went to an event. Well, I am at it again! This Sunday (August 21) I will be going to Ragnarok 2022 at the Double Tree by Hilton in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Although the pictures in this post are from the event in 2019, I am talking about this coming convention in 2022. This pictures come to me courteously of the staff of Ragnarok. Thank you goes out to them for allowing me to use their pictures.

Vendor area - Ragnarok 2019
Part of the vendor and gaming area from back in 2019.

This event runs on both Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21 and the doors open at 8:30am. For me, the advertised highlights at the event are the miniatures games. I hope to get pictures of what I can of those for this website.

For Me The Highlights are the Miniatures Games and People

When looking at the website, I liked seeing demo games listed of Carniverse and The Walking Dead. There also happens to be a large tournament for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game and a Battletech Grinder event too.

A Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game tournament in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario
Back in 2019, this was the Middle Earth Tournament area. Hopefully they will have a good turn out this year after a long time away due to the Pandemic.

I’ve participated in a number of Battletech Grinder miniatures games in the past. Those are always fun and it is nice to see it on the list of events for 2022.

A Battletech Grinder Game in Kitchener Ontario
A Battletech Grinder game from 2019.

As I mentioned earlier, I am going to this gaming convention as a social outlet and to take pictures for Must Contain Minis. My goal is not to play games, but who knows what may happen?

While I go for the miniatures and people, Ragnarok is about more than miniatures games.

It has way more to offer to people interested in RPGs and/or Board Games. They have a vast Board Games library that you can sign games out from and play. Also, there are currently 26 different RPG sessions listing in their events list.

If you are into either RPGs or Board Games and are in the Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) area, you might want to consider coming to this event.

Board Games

Look at those shelves below. That is just part of the collection of games that they own. You can sign those out for this event. If the game is on a special list of giveaways, you could even win the honour of taking the game home after Ragnarok. How cool is that!?

You’ll have to excuse the dark picture here, but look at that shelf of board games. And that isn’t all of them! If a game interests you, you sign it out, play it at one of the tables and return it when you are done. Some games you could even win to take home!

Here is a list of the games they have available for sign out.

On top of plenty of space for gaming and racks full of board games, they also have plenty of RPG experiences on offer.

The Role Playing Games

On the Ragnarok website, you will find that there are many RPG game sessions running at the convention.

RPGs at the Ragnarok Gaming Convention.
Here a group plays Darkfast Dungeons with the game desinger. I really enjoyed this one when I gave it a try.

Although I don’t see Darkfast Dungeons in this year’s line up, I had a lot of fun with this game. There are plenty of other options for those into RPGs. I see Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk Red, Star Trek RPG and more.

A Couple of More Pictures of Ragnarok 2019

When I was going through the pictures that Ragnarok gave me access to, I found one of me. I figured I would share it here quickly.

Back in 2019, I ran a Frostgrave Demo table. That is me on the left and Carl on the right. If you are curious on how the demo went with Carl, here is a report.

Ragnarok 2019 - Frostgrave
That’s me on the left prepping my two Frostgrave battlefields for demo games.

Its nice to see various miniatures games getting played out in public. It lets people know that there are more options to our hobby than just Warhammer. Here is another group of my friends that made it into the convention pictures from 2019.

Historical Miniatures Games at a Convention
Here we have a picture of my friends Dave, Wayne, and Brenden. Brenden and Dave both have painter’s pages on this site. I should probably ask Wayne if he wants to showcase work here too. His stuff is amazing! Randall is around, but not in the picture. He is like me. He prefers building minis to painting minis.

Ragnarok 2019 was a lot of fun. It could not run in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. Now that it is 2022, I am excited for it being my first gaming convention since the shut downs.

It is also nice that the event is close to home for me. I don’t have to travel for hours to get here!

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me at my quick look at Ragnarok 2022. This runs August 20 and 21st of 2022. If you haven’t taken a look at it and you are in the area give the website a quick look. You can buy tickets online ahead of time, but you can also buy them at the door. The bonus for buying online is that you can pre-book what games you play online before you get there. There is no additional cost for that.

If you are reading this and are interested in the event, hopefully you saw it before Saturday or Sunday. I know I didn’t leave much time with this post.

I will be there on the Sunday. Feel free to say “hi” to me if you see me. My name is Jacob.

Finally, if you want to know what is going on in Ontario for gaming, I host the Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions Webpage here on this site.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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