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Gruesome Deep Madness Miniatures Showcase

My buddy Dave enjoyed painting a number of gruesome Deep Madness Miniatures recently for a client. These disgusting miniatures tend to be right up his alley and he can paint them quickly. For a boardgame, these figures bring in a lot of gore to the table and help add to the immersion of the game.

Now, let’s take a quick look at those miniatures.

Gruesome Deep Madness Miniatures

If you are looking for gore or blood, than these minis might interest you. They feature poor mutilated civilians.

gruesome deep madness miniatures showcase. This guy is big and gory!
This monster has a saw on an arm and is just nasty!
So scary.
A look from a higher angle.
A nicely painted demon mini of some sort

I went searching for this guys name on the Deep Madness Kickstarter Page. If you know it, or know he is from a different game, please let me know in the comments below.

Now on to the next gruesome Deep Madness miniatures in this post!

absolutely gruesome deep madness miniatures
Check out this monster! He tore that guy apart!
The front of the model from a higher angle
Absolutely grotesque.
So much gore on this painted board game miniature
The back of the figure. Notice the limb he is still holding onto in his right hand.
gruesome deep madness miniature
So gross, but very well done for a board game miniature. So much blood!

Some more Deep Madness Miniatures

These next minis are a little less nightmare inducing, but still scary.

The front of the figure
This mini is a 58mm tall Dimension Rift Epic Monster.
The back of the model
Although just a couple of colors, the paint job is effective.
gruesome deep madness miniatures
Nicely done.

This next one I like a lot. I contemplated doing a post of him on his own, but gathered him with these minis instead.

This gruesome deep madness miniature is both horrifying and cute
He is both horrifying and cute!
Gross yet appealing
So gross, yet strangely appealing to look at.
Interesting choice in colors on this board game mini
I like the colors Dave chose to use on this Agony miniature.
An Agony Miniature. Looks like an undead hermit crab.
Kind of reminds me of a hermit crab in some ways.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was a quick showcase piece showing a few miniatures that Dave painted for a commission project. He specializes in painting up large batches of miniatures quickly. They look amazing too.

As much as I like Dave’s paint jobs, I have to admit that these are absolutely, Gruesome Deep Madness Miniatures. Thank you for letting me take pictures of them Dave before you sent them off to your client.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!