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Enjoy Affordable Dungeon Delving with Okumarts – Papercraft Terrain & Minis

In this post, I quickly outline a sale for some affordable dungeon delving gaming with Okumarts.

Do you remember Okumarts? They make paper terrain and paper miniatures. On top of that, they make their own rulesets for many different game settings. You can use these rules for RPGs and Dungeon Delving too. He even has a skirmish game to represent a snowball fight!

I will link to that one at the end of the article.

About three years ago, I got in an afternoon with the creator at a convention. There I discussed with him the system, his artwork and theories on gaming. In addition, he took me through a demo of his Darkfast Dungeons Dungeon Crawler game. I wrote a review about that game. If you want to see that review, you can check it out here on Must Contain Minis.

Anyhow, the point of this post is not to go over old content, but rather to inform you of a massive sale where you can take advantage of some savings.

Massive Sale!!!

If you head on over to Okumarts on DriveThruRPG, you will find his entire catalog on sale. This isn’t a small sale either. Absolutely everything is almost half price right now. That is some significant savings on some already affordable paper terrain, miniatures and rules.

All of this is Print-and-Play. If you have some cardstock and a color printer, this might be an interesting craft for you and / or your family.

Right now, Okumarts has 186 products released with everything from rules for RPGs, adventures, maps, terrain and miniatures. Again, all in paper.

Why is he having a sale? Well, to celebrate his 10 year anniversary of being in business with Okumarts. This sale is mid-way through though, so act fast if you are interested.

The sale ends June 1st, 2021. If you miss the sale though, his catalog is still worth a look as he has a lot of interesting products that can fit the bill for affordable dungeon delving and more.

Before wrapping it up, I am going to share a few pictures from my gaming session with the company’s owner.

Darkfast Dungeon Pictures

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this quick post about a sale by Okumarts. If you are interested in checking out his offerings, be sure to check out his listings before the sale is over. The sale ends June 1, 2021, but his collection is still worth a look if you missed the sale.

Right now, he has 184 products in his catalog. The game that you see the pictures from above is Darkfast Dungeons. The snowball game that I mentioned earlier can be found here.

The entire collection is actually pretty cool. It is amazing what you can achieve with just cardstock, some time and a printer.

An affordable dungeon delving option for sure.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!