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How to quickly fill a 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Army – Wargames Atlantic Review

Ever wonder how to flush out large sections of infantry for your Napoleonic Miniatures Games at an affordable price for 28mm Prussians?

In this post, we review a product by Wargames Alantic that could help you build a Napoleon Wars era army fast at an affordable price. Specifically, we look at their new Army Builder set for the Prussian Reserve uniformed for 1813 to 1815. This box of miniatures comes with 60 figures for $34.95 USD. Here, you will see the plastic sprues, view some built miniatures, and see a scale comparison image versus other brands. At the end of the article, I embedded my video review for those that prefer a different medium.

At $34.95 a box, this kit is a steal for those looking to create large ranks of Napoleonic era miniatures.

A big thanks goes out to Wargames Atlantic for sending me this box of figures for review. For those interested in being covered on Must Contain Minis, I do take review and sponsorship products. For my website statistics and contact details, check my submissions page.

With all that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at Wargames Atlantic’s Prussian Reserve from their Napoleon’s Wars line.

The Box

First up, let’s take a look at the front and back of the box. Wargames Atlantic put some artwork, pictures of painted miniatures and a description on the package.

Prussian Reserve Review
A close look at the box art of Wargames Atlantic’s Prussian Reserve 1813-15 from their Napoleon’s Wars line.
Napoleon's Wars Miniatures - Back of the box - Prussians
The back of the box.

One thing that I noticed is that there is no pictures of the sprues here. The Wargames Atlantic website has images of the frames, but I took some really good pictures of the sprues to share.

The Prussian Reserve Sprues

Here are the sprues that you find in the box. You get 10 of these, each with six figures.

As a note, there are no bases. The intention is that you will base them with your own bases based on the game that you choose to play.

Wargames Atlantic Napoleon Wars Prussian Reserve Sprue
Above you see the plastic sprue that comes in this miniatures set.
Wargames Atlantic Napoleon Wars Prussian Reserve Plastic Frame
And the back of the frames. Notice that you get two heads per soldier.

Building the Miniatures

To build these miniatures, all you have to do clip the parts off of the plastic frames and glue their heads onto the bodies. If you want to take it further, each frame comes with three optional bedrolls for your six soldiers.

28mm quick build Napoleonic Miniatures
A group of six miniatures. Before them, are the heads that I did not use in the build. Each frame comes with 12 heads for the six figures.
The back of the Miniatures
The backs of the miniatures. There are some nice details on these extremely affordable miniatures.

I was able to build these miniatures extremely fast because all that is involved is gluing the bodies to the heads. Easy and quick!

A Closer Look

Let’s take an even closer look at these figures.

Wargames Atlantic Napoleon Wars Prussian Reserve Review - Close up of miniature
For 60 miniatures at $34.95, these miniatures look really good.
Wargames Atlantic Napoleon Wars Prussian Reserve Review - Close up of figure
The details are fairly pronounced on these figures. That should make them quicker and easier to paint too.

Scale Comparison Images… Wargames Atlantic Prussian Reserve vs other Miniatures Companies

So how do Wargames Atlantic Prussian Reserve miniatures scale versus other companies?

Unfortunately, I do not have any other Napoleon era miniatures to compare them to. That said, I own plenty of miniatures by other well know brands. Below is a comparison picture that should give you an idea of the size of these figures.

Wargames Atlantic Napoleon Wars Scale Comparison Image. Wargames Atlantic vs Warlord Games vs GW vs Firelock Games
Left to right… Bolt Action, Prussian, Prussian, GW Chaos Cultist, Prussian, GW Primaris Space Marine, Prussian, Blood & Plunder, Prussian. The miniatures here are all displayed for scale purposes.

The Video Review

On top of this written article, I also filmed a video review of this product. Check it out below.

My video review of Wargames Atlantic’s Prussian Reserve Army Builder Hard Plastic 28mm Miniatures.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in my review of Wargames Atlantic’s 28mm Prussian Reserve 1813-15 from their Napoleon’s Wars line. This Army Builder miniatures kit packs a huge amount of value and gives you a quick way to build 60 miniatures at a time for your Napoleonic era armies. Specifically, the Prussians.

If you are interested in getting your hands on these miniatures, you can check your favorite retailer, check their price on Amazon [paid link], or buy directly from Wargames Atlantic.

If you want to see more Wargames Atlantic reviews, I have plenty of articles here on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!