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Oathmark Human Cavalry Preview

Have you found yourself wondering what is in the Oathmark Human Cavalry box set?

I combed through Facebook and gathered together preview pictures of the miniatures. In this post, I share those pictures with you. These pictures include a photo of the painted miniatures and pictures of the sprues.

For those who don’t know, North Star Military Figures makes the miniatures in this set. They partner with Osprey Games who publishes the game Oathmark.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what I found.

The Sprues – Oathmark Human Cavalry

In the box, you get 15 miniatures. Here are the sprues.

Oathmark Human Cavalry Sprue - Plastic Frame
Above is the plastic frame for Oathmark’s Human Cavalry.

In the frame above, you see that their shields match those of the human infantry for Oathmark. On top of that, North Star packed enough weapons in there that you can equip all five figures with the same loadout. You can arm them with spears, hand weapons or bows. You could even give them a mixture of the three if you wish.

Here you have the plastic frame for the horses.

The cavalry comes lightly equipped and the frames look like they hold a lot of promise. I don’t own the human infantry box, but I can go back and check the frame in my Oathmark Miniatures article. Between the two, I can see that they share the same shields and similar weapon options.

If you are looking at the Oathmark rules (or the units from my Oathmark WYSIWYG article), then you may realize that you can build these miniatures as Human Mounted Rangers or as Human Cavalry.

Completed Miniatures

Looking through Facebook, I found this brilliant looking image of the miniatures built and painted.

This painted set represents what you get in one box of Oathmark Human Cavalry. 15 mounted miniatures. You have options to equip every single miniature one of three ways. You can see here that they did a mix of armaments.

Mounted Champions

In addition to the plastic miniatures, North Star Military Figures is also releasing mounted options for your Human command and special figures in metal.

Above we see the Mounted Human Oathmark Characters.


Below are some quick links that you may find useful. They include more stories on Must Contain Minis and the links I used to research this post.

All of the images in this post come from North Star Military Figures’ Facebook Page.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for checking out these Oathmark Human Cavalry miniatures with me. These figures by North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games certainly look pretty cool. I am not sure what it is, but the Human Oathmark miniatures have a certain charm that appeals to me.

These miniatures release May 25, 2021.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!