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Stargrave Crew Miniatures Preview

In this post, I give you a quick Stargrave Crew Miniatures Preview. The folks at North Star Military Figures have been very busy with their current Nickstarter campaign. If Nickstarter is new to you, this is their pre-sales program for their miniatures and games. It is akin to a Kickstarter. There is a link to their campaign at the end of the article.

I grabbed a few of the images that they showed to share with you. This post includes pictures of the Plastic Sprues for Stargrave Crew Miniatures and another sample picture of the built minis.

Please note, all of the images in this post come from North Star Military Figures Facebook Page.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at those Stargrave Crew Miniatures.

A preview image of the new Stargrave Crew Miniatures by Osprey Games and North Star
A sample picture of the Crew Miniatures for Stargrave.

The Plastic Sprues

If you are like me, what interested me the most about the preview images is the plastic sprues. What do they look like? What can I make with the Stargrave Crew plastic frames?

Well, here are pictures of the frames so you can figure out if they are something you like.

The Plastic Frame for Stargrave Crew Miniatures.
A good close look at the Stargrave Crew plastic miniatures frame.

To me, these miniatures look to have a Firefly style to them. I like it. I was a little surprised to see bullet style weapons over laser weapons, but it works.

A preview image of the fronts and backs of the Stargrave Crew Plastic Frame.
The front and back of the Stargrave Crew Sprue.

What do you think of this frame? Let us know in the comments below.

More Information about Stargrave

If you are looking for more information about Stargrave, I have a number of preview posts on Must Contain Minis. One big one is my Flip Through Article of the Stargrave Rule book. That one is well worth a watch. In it, I show you exactly what is in the rulebook. You can even pause the page to read most of the book from that article.

I also have a Nickstarter Preview discussing the crowdfunding campaign and showing the Stragrave Troopers Plastic Sprue too.

Painted Stargrave Miniatures by Kev from North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games.
A sample image of a painted Stargrave Crew.

Finally, I have written articles describing all of the “Monsters” and Aliens in the Stargrave book and one talking about the types of Captains, First Mates, and Crew Members that you can take with you into the game.

The Flip Through and the “Monsters” and Aliens posts specifically I recommend you check out as they give away a lot of information about the game.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick preview of the Stargrave Crew miniatures and sprue.

Some links that I think you should check out include…

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Kapouille

    Since you’re asking for an opinion, mine is that it’s definitely in keeping with the rest of the North Star range.

    So, the consequence is that I personally find their style clumsy and unrefined, but it’s cheap and adapted to the game.
    Being polystyrene, it would be a breeze to kitbash with other kit.

    But I really can’t get past the esthetics 😀

    (PS: also, I find that the painting style of the official pictures doesn’t help lifting those minis, and really asserts that stodgy dated looks)

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the comment Kapouille. Do you plan on getting in on the game? If so, what minis do you plan to proxy in place of the North Star range?

      1. Kapouille

        I totally do plan to!
        It seems like 3d printing is going to solve my problem, there are fantastic models available on myminifactory for instance. I didn’t really want to open that can of worms, but sounds like it really is the best option for me.

        However, I found are great sculpts done by:
        – Bombshell minis, who do really great sculpts for their game Counterblast. Retro 60-70’s sci-fi. I was very tempted but in the end wanted more modern scifi.
        – Wargames atlantic is going to fill the kitbash hole. I find their sculpts a lot more pleasing than North Star’s. More notably, they have Death Fields and Iron-Core ranges with a few kits coming that are going to be nice fits. They also have lizardmen that are going to be great natives/ruffians.
        – One specific polystyrene kit by warlord games, the Domari squad who are definitely-not-fremen. I do worry however that the scale might be too small are AFAIK warlords do true 28mm. The rest of their range don’t look all that great however.

        So that’s it, my current selection.

        Monsters are still a nut I need to crack.

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