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Stargrave Creatures and Aliens: What do I need?

Stargrave is off to an absolutely amazing start, but I hear you asking, “What sort of miniatures and creatures do I need for a game of Stargrave?”

The answer to that is easy. Use whatever miniatures you have. That said, many of us want to expand our ranges or choose the closest miniatures that match the rules. As such, it certainly won’t hurt to know what creatures and aliens are in this book. In this post, I am going to go over that with you.

Knowing these creatures and aliens will help you gather a group of miniatures for the game.

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To learn how you can use those plastic miniatures in your Stargrave crews, check out my article Assemble Your Crew in Stargrave.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Bestiary of the Stargrave rulebook.

Special thanks goes to Osprey Games for sending me an early copy of the Stargrave rule book.

Stargrave Creatures

In an effort to not giveaway too much of the rules, I will list no stats. Instead, I present to you the creatures of the Random Encounters chart along with my own quick description of each entry.

Stargrave Robot and Robot Expert.
A Robotics Expert readies a robot for combat in Stargrave. Image from North Star Military Figures.

Stargrave Creatures from the Random Encounters Chart

RyankanYou are welcome to put your own interpretation in the comments below, but to me the Ryankan sound like Pterodactyls.
FerroxA combination of a fox and wolf.
BilewormLarge worms that feed off the power of ships.
RuffianGang-members, low-level criminals and cheap bodyguards. Basically low level muscle and rough people who live in areas where fights are likely.
ShengryllaThese monkey like creatures are half the size of a human. They like to eat the energy from batteries that crew members carry and happen to have three eyes.
PrimiativeHuman or Alien beings from the stone age.
MagmiteLava or rock based creatures that stand three feet tall.
Bounty HunterAs the name suggests. A Bounty Hunter. Typically armed with a Carbine, Hand Weapon and Heavy Armour.
TanglerThe Tangler is an Octopus like creature.
DedfurdLarge toxic frogs.
GaunchHuman sized scavengers of an alien race. Their skin gives them chameleon like abilities to blend into the environment.
PorigotaInsect like creatures with a roughly humanoid form that are hunted for food and sport.
MindgripperThink Facehuggers from Aliens!!! The difference is these do not lay eggs that hatch out of your belly. Instead, if they latch on you, they control you.
HoratLarge Woolly Rhinoceroses who hate the sound of gunfire. They purposely pursue and attack crew members who fire guns.
SentrabotThese robots patrol a set path and engage anything they come across.
Warp HoundThese dog-like creatures can travel in space, blink through the folds of time and space and even land themselves inside of space vessels if they so wish. They just want to kill. If they see anyone firing a gun, it will focus on them.
WarbotThese large robots are designed to kill. They have plenty of armour, health and will power. They also can’t be controlled by a character player.
Sewer-DragonThe Sewer-Dragon is basically Sewer Lizards.
A table showing the Creatures and NPC miniatures that you can encounter in Stargrave.

What if I don’t have miniatures for these Stargrave creatures?

If you don’t have all of the creature miniatures for Stargrave, don’t sweat it. In the last paragraph before the Encounter table, Joseph McCullough encourages you to make your on encounter table.

What I like to do with my friends for Frostgrave is that we each bring over so many “creatures” for the game. We then combine the collection and essentially make our own encounter list from those figures. I anticipate doing the same for Stargrave.

In many games, we roll dice in to see which miniatures come in from a collection of 6 to 12 random monsters. The same could be done with Stargrave easily.

Below is a sample page from the book showing the rules about Stargrave random encounters.

Random Encounters in Stargrave - Stargrave Creatures and Miniatures required to play
A sample page from the Stargrave Rulebook. Random Encounters.

Stargrave Unwanted Attention Encounters

As mentioned in the sample Stargrave page above, Joseph made an second encounter table too. This is the Unwanted Attention Table. Basically, you attract the attention of criminals and pirates if you have to roll on this table. To help you know what sort of minis to collect (or proxy), I created another table below.

RuffianYou saw this in the earlier table above. Gang-members, low-level criminals and cheap bodyguards. Basically low level muscle and rough people who live in areas where fights are likely.
Bounty HunterAnother entry also in the Random Encounters table. As the name suggests. A Bounty Hunter. Typically armed with a Carbine, Hand Weapon and Heavy Armour.
Pirate TrooperA well armed soldier with a basic amount of training. They carry Carbines, have Heavy Armour and carry a knife too.
Pirate Shock TrooperThese are the elite of the pirate soldiers. They wear Combat Armour and carry a Carbine. Their stats are extremely impressive. To go toe-to-toe with them, you are looking at a 150 Credit miniature that costs you 50 Credits a game to maintain. That is substantial. You might want to gang up or run if you encounter one of these figures.
Above I listed the entries from the Unwanted Attention Table in Stargrave.

A Stargrave Flip Through!!!

If you want to know even more about the game and what is in the rulebook, be sure to check out my Rule Book flip through too!

Wrapping it up…

Between this article, my earlier one about assembling your crew, we looked at almost every miniature you can field in Stargrave. There are a few surprises that I have not touched such as drones and repair robots, but for the most part, everything is covered.

So, do you plan to get in on this game? If you haven’t checked out the Nickstarter yet?

I highly suggest that you do so you can see what deals can be had. You can also check the price on Amazon (Affiliate Link).

If you buy from Amazon from here, I do get a small kickback at no extra cost to you. That said, I am interested in getting you the best deal, and right now, that is with North Star Military Figures (or Brigade Games for those of you in the USA).

Thanks for reading!!!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Some Frostgrave Gnolls kitbashed with Stargrave miniatures. Image from North Star Military Figures.

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