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Carrying Miniature Paints in Style – Case Review

Ever wonder how to carry your miniature paints in style?

The Paint Case 2.0 by Frontier Wargaming is a fantastic solution for those of you who want to carry their paints around in style, and for those of you without a permanent paint station. While there are other ways to carry your paints, this product looks impressive and compactly contains your collection of paints and painting accessories.

Whether you are into model building or miniature gaming, this case will suit your needs. If you have not already guessed, this post is a review of Frontier Wargaming’s “The Paint Case 2.0.”

Disclaimer: Frontier Wargaming sent me this Paint Case for review. It is their base product along with a few additions. While I accept review products, I am in no other way compensated for this post and reserve the right to give a positive or negative review.

Now, before getting into the review of this case, let’s talk about some alternatives for carrying and storing your paint.

Different Ways to Carry and Store Paint

Before COVID, back when I used to go to my favorite gaming store to paint with like-minded people, I used to carry my paint in a Zip-lock bag. I would then toss that bag into a box or backpack. That is how I carried around my paints, models and tools. It is not fancy, but it gets the job done. Depending on how I packed the miniatures, sometimes I would fear for their safety during the trip.

Likewise, I stored my paints at home in boxes. Again, super affordable, but nothing special. Later, I upgraded with paint racks by Six Squared Studios, XOLK and HobbyZone. You can look up posts about those products in my Painting and Painting Accessories section of this website.

That said, I lost my dedicated painting space for a while due to some things out of my control (the Pandemic). While I waited to regain that space, I used my Kitchen table as my hobby area.

At that time, I used a pizza box to hold my paints. It works, but it kind of feels messy.

The pizza box method of carrying and storing paints for miniatures.
For a while I was using this pizza box to store “my work in progress” miniatures on and my paints. It works, but the Frontier Wargaming case looks so much more appealing on the tabletop.

Then Frontier Wargaming sent me something much more stylish. Look at this!!!

Carry Your Miniature Paints in Style - Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0 Review
A stunningly beautiful paint case by Frontier Wargaming.

A Stunningly Beautiful Paint Case

The aestetics on this carrying are through the roof! Frontier Wargaming made a beautiful looking product here with the 2.0 version of their Paint Case. It comes stained and pre-built. No assembly needed.

As an optional upgrade, you can even get custom engraving on the lid. I got them to put my logo on there.

Frontier Wargaming Paint Case
A quick look at the engraving on my paint case. Nice!
Portable Paint Station review for building miniatures and models
To open the case, there are a couple of finger holes on the top.
Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0 Review
Open it up and you get a great looking case that comes standard with a cutting board, 10 miniature painting handles, 4 paint trays and two “tool” cases with lids. The guys from Frontier Wargaming upgraded mine with an optional light, an extension cable for that light, and a magnetic miniatures drawer for transporting some minis too.

As you can see, this case is a work of art. Simply beautiful!

How Much Paint Does This Case Carry?

One good question right off the bat is how much paint does this case actually carry? Well, I decided to put it to the test and started stocking it with my collection.

Transferring over my collection of paints
I started by putting in all of those miniatures and paints that I showed you that were in the pizza box earlier.
How to store Vallejo, The Army Painter and Citadel Paint Bottles and Pots.
Next I brought down my dropper Bottle Collection and some more GW paint pots. That HobbyZone corner unit holds 48 bottles of paint.
Tossing in all my dropper bottles
The trays handle this no problem! So I went and found more bottles of paint for the case.
Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0
And there we go. This carrying case can carry my entire collection of miniature paints with room to grow!
My loaded up Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0 - paint station review for miniature painting
A look at the case with the paints all loaded up. Most of them stay in place while I carry the case around. It works better if you fill it up all the way, but even if you don’t there is only one tray where the bottles fell over. That is the drawer on the right in the middle. If it were full, I anticipate there would be no issue.

Okay, you can see here that the case holds all of my paints, but how much paint does it carry?

Here are a couple of quick charts that I made. As a note, these numbers are for if you go with just one style of paint bottles. If you mix and match like I have, your final numbers will vary.

Base Model – The Paint Case 2.0 – Paint Capacity

Bottle StyleCapacity
Vallejo Style Dropper Bottles128
Citadel Style Paint Pots72
A quick look at how many paint bottles the Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0 can carry with the base model.

Not bad for just the standard case.

Maxed for Paint Model – The Paint Case 2.0 – Paint Capacity

Bottle StyleCapacity
Vallejo Style Dropper Bottles192
Citadel Style Paint Pots180
The Frontier Wargaming Paint Case 2.0 carrying capacities when fully optimized for carrying paint.

If you have a lot of paints to store, maybe you want to upgrade this case to max out the amount of bottles it carries.

The Tool Boxes

Now, let’s take a quick look at those tool boxes.

Frontier Wargaming Paint Case
The carrying case comes with two “tool” boxes. Each has a lid. Upon opening them, I found that one housed the power for my lamp, and the other the shoulder strap for the case. I attached the carrying strap, which means that I have one extra tool box to use later. The other one will continue to house the power for the lamp.
The Tool boxes for my portable miniatures paint station
Underneath the items in the tool boxes are optional dividers that you can use. I installed them in the one on the left. You can put those in and take them out depending on what you are storing in the box.
The Power Adapter
The power that they sent me for the lamp has a European style plug. I am in North America, which means that I had to buy and adapter to make this plug work with my electrical outlets. While I was sent a European plug, I have seen on the Frontier Wargaming Website that they now sell the power unit as a USB connector that you can hook up to whatever power source as you see fit.

Now, if you want to see the lamp in use, you will have to check out my video at the end of the article. You will also see one of the tool boxes loaded up there. You can put in it whatever you want. Brushes, bits, or tools. I put in there building tools for miniatures and models.

Taking the Review Further

Overall, this is a beautiful product. It is on the pricier side, but it is an extremely impressive case.

Want to turn this into a miniatures transport case? You can do that with the magnetic trays. Want to carry just paints? You can do that too. Loading it up with the exact configuration of trays that you want is easy on the Frontier Wargaming website. There is a link at the end of the video.

On top of that, you can get your logo on there and the ability to customize the components is pretty sweet.

As far as criticisms go, if the price bothers you, then it is not the right case for you. Also, being in North America, the USB power setup would have been more useful to me than a Europlug.

That’s about it really for my criticisms of the case. Overall, I like it.

My only other suggestion is for Frontier Wargaming to make it more apparent that they offer a service to engrave both the lid and backside (and whatever other sides you want) on the Paint Station 2.0.

Engraving the lid is great, but when you are using the station, people don’t see that. If you want to take the paint station to a convention, event or store to promote your own personal brand or commission painting service, then having the logo on the backside of the case would be helpful.

I did not know that you could do that, so I did not ask for the service. Providing that you know that they can do this, you can take advantage of it. Having had the logo on both sides would make the paint case double as a sign for your business, even when it is in use.

If you want to get even more in depth with my thoughts on this case, be sure to watch the video review below too.

Video Review of Frontier Wargaming’s Paint Case 2.0.

The video shows some items that I did not cover in the written review such as the paint handles, the light in use and a quick look at the tools that I tossed in the tool box.

My Video Review of The Paint Case 2.0 by Frontier Wargaming. This stylish Paint Case for miniatures is both a case for your paints and a portable painting station. Beautiful stuff.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, The Paint Case 2.0 by Frontier Wargaming is a really visually appealing, and functional product. It works well and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to carry their paint collection in style.

Specifically, it would be beneficial for miniature painters who do not have a dedicated hobby space (it is so easy to pack up your work with it) or for those who travel and want to carry around a portable painting station.

Have you used one of these or like Frontier Wargaming’s style? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!