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Council Fires 2017 – This October 20 and 21

Coming soon (October 20 and 21, 2017) is one of my favourite local gaming conventions. That convention is Council Fires in Brantford. For a local convention, this one packs a lot of weight. There are five vendors, two tournaments and many participation games.

A picture of a cool miniature from last year’s Council Fires.

The participation games come in many genres and scales. You can check the list out for yourself at the following link (no longer available).

Games that I hope to play myself include… Flint and Feather, Rugged Adventures, Impetus, Charlie Company, and many others.

Last year, I played in a Bolt Action Tournament and tried out a participation game of Dragon Rampant in the evening. This year, they are running a Bolt Action Tournament again and Forbes Hobbies is the sponsor.

Some of the Bolt Action Tournament tables from last year.

Aside from the Bolt Action Tournament, there is also a Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Tournament. If you like the Hobbit, the group running this event always puts on excellent demo tables. It will be interesting to see what their tournament tables are like.

Personally, I think participation games are great and well worth the price of admission alone. I always enjoy trying out new games while making new friends. Below are some pictures of the participation games from last year’s Council Fires.

Last year, the people running Council Fires gave a free miniature to everyone that attended the event. I wonder if the same will hold true again this year.

With five vendors, a “Bring and Buy” sale, and all of the listed games, Council Fires 2017 looks like it is going to be a good event.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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