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Painting Contest at SkyCon 2018

The organizers of SkyCon strive to run many events. Among the events at SkyCon 2018, they ran a painting contest. You could enter in what you want for your miniature and they had some nice prizes. Now, I must state that I missed a number of the entries into the painting contest. My focus at this SkyCon was to play games while generating stories for Must Contain Minis. As a result, I missed the finale and complete list of participants.

While I may not have seen all of the participants (or know who won), I figured I would still do a quick story on the entries of which I could get pictures.

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The Contest Entries

I apologize as I do not have the names of people who painted these miniatures, but let’s take a quick look at the ones I saw.

Painted AT-ST from Star Wars Legion
This AT-ST from Star Wars Legion I really liked. I don’t think it survived the day, as later I saw it in a couple of pieces. Too bad really. It looked great!
Blood Rage Fire Giant
A Fire Giant from Blood Rage the Board Game by CMON.
Fire Giant from CMON's Blood Rage Board Game
A second angle on the Fire Giant. I liked this model. Nice detail work on it. This was my favourite followed by that AT-ST pictured earlier. 
Painted Hobbit Spider
A creepy spider from Lord of the Rings / Hobbit.
Lord of the Rings Spider from the Hobbit Miniatures Game
A second look at that spider. Not bad. Similar to the one at the Hobbit Tournament I saw at SkyCon Light 2018.
Blood Rage Mystic Troll
A Mystic Troll from the Blood Rage Kickstarter.
Painted Blood Rage Mountain Giant
A Mountain Giant from the Blood Rage Kickstarter by CMON.
SkyCon Painting Contest Entry 2018
Another angle on the same giant. This is a nice figure.
Frost Giant by CMON in Blood Rage - Painting Contest
A Frost Giant from Blood Rage the Board Game.

There were a number of other entries outside of these, but these are the early contenders. Unfortunately, I did not get to see those other miniatures due to my own gaming schedule.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick look at some of the contest entries into SkyCon 2018’s Miniature Painting Contest. It is too bad that I couldn’t get all of the models in the competition, but at-least I got the early contenders.

If you want to see some truly impressive pictures of miniatures at SkyCon Light 2018, be sure to check out my post about Hobbit Miniatures. Those minis were spectacular and pictured in their natural environment of a gaming table!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Derek Satnik

    Thanks for the honourable mention to my spider! That’s Shelob, from the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game by games workshop. There’s a whole league of us in Ontario who play Middle Earth: check out if you want to know more. Thanks again Jacob!

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hi Derek, Thanks for the comment and link to the Ontario Middle Earth Group. I’ve joined. I love looking at the Middle Earth Miniatures, but I have so many projects on the go. Not sure if I will get into that system or not. That said, I have got to try it out at a convention sometime. There are always people running demo games and I know the community behind this game is fairly large and devoted. 🙂

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