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Showcase: Hobbit Miniatures at SkyCon Light (2018)

One of the things that I love to do is attend gaming conventions and check out the local scenes. On April 28, I went to SkyCon Light in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The guys running this convention held a Hobbit Tournament with 24 participants.

During their lunch break, I went around and took pictures of their armies on display. This post is a Showcase of their painted Hobbit Miniatures. Unfortunately, I don’t know who painted the models, so I can’t give credit where it is due, but there were plenty of great models on display.

The Hobbit Miniatures

Oddly enough, even thought the game is called The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game, I did not see a single hobbit miniature on the tables anywhere. Perhaps I missed one and someone brought one along, but, to me, it looked more like battles in the Hobbit World.  🙂

All kidding aside, there were some fantastically painted miniatures here. My favourite force would be this dark army below.

My Favourite Painted Army

A Lord of the Rings Miniatures Army - Evil - Miniatures by Games Workshop
This was my favourite army on display at SkyCon Light (2018).
Evil Army with a Spider in the Hobbit Strategy Battles Miniatures Game
A closer look at some of the models. The spider is very cool!!!
Dark Spider in Hobbit The Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop
Taking a closer look at the spider. It is certainly a very fearsome beast!!!
A painted Winged Nazgûl in Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop
This Winged Nazgûl is a showcase piece model in this army. It is dark, mysterious and looks great!!! Whomever painted this force did a really nice job.

The Other Armies

All the armies at this event were painted. While the army above was my favourite, everyone did a great job at painting their armies and I am sure others reading this post will disagree and find some of the other armies more to their liking. Judging the looks of an army can be a fairly subjective task when every one did such a great job!

Below are the pictures of the figures I thought were especially good or significant for one reason or another.

The Forces of Evil

Winged Nazgûl from the Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
Another Winged Nazgûl.
Dark Knights / Death Knight miniatures
These guys are really cool!!! I like them.
Civilian leading evil troops 28mm miniatures
At first, I thought the mini in the front might be running from the group behind him, but they are all from the same army. I focused the image on the miniature at the front as I thought he looked especially good.
Mordor Force from the Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game / Hobbit Strategy Battle Game
A section of a Mordor Force. I love the Balrog.
Winged Nazgûl with a Death Warrior - Games Workshop
Another evil being on a winged creature. There certainly was no shortage of fliers at this event. 🙂

The Forces of Good

Radagast the Brown™ Games Workshop Model / Miniature
This miniature is just incredibly awesome!!! It is Radagast the Brown™ of the Council of Wizardry.
Lord of the Rings / Hobbit Miniatures female captain
I thought this mini was pretty cool!
A Lord of the Rings Miniature Wizard - GW
A lot of Wizards made their way into the armies. This one looks like he might be an evil Wizard, but I think he was being used on the good guys’ side.  🙂
Legolas Greenleaf™ by Games Workshop painted - Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game
Legolas Greenleaf™ is a very neat looking figure. He was a center point of a cool looking army.

My Favourite Miniature

Of all the Hobbit / Lord of the Ring miniatures at SkyCon Light, my favourite was Radagast the Brown™. I had never seen this model before so it was pretty neat to see one on the tabletop.

Radagast the Brown™ 28mm Miniature
My Favourite Hobbit / Lord of the Rings Miniature at the convention. This image is a close up of the Radagast the Brown™ miniature already pictured above.

Sampling of the Gaming Tables

The Hobbit Tournament set up an impressive number of tables for this event. Below are a few pictures of some of the gaming tables.

Hobbit Gaming Table / Terrain setup
One of the Hobbit gaming tables at SkyCon Light.
Hobbit Gaming Table / Terrain setup
This one is kind of neat. Seems like too peaceful of an atmosphere to wage a battle. 🙂
neoprene Hobbit Battle Table / Terrain
This one I thought was interesting because almost the whole table (including most terrain) was made out of neoprene. I haven’t seen that before (except for on Warmachine / Hordes Tables).

This tournament was put on by a different group than the tournament ran at Hotlead. The tables at Hotlead were amazing, but these ones are pretty good too. Amassing enough terrain for 12 to 15 gaming tables is no easy feat and I would have been happy playing on any of their tables.

It really surprises me how much interest there is in the Hobbit as I don’t see it being played much at any of the FLGS. That said, it certainly had a big draw at SkyCon.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to the SkyCon Crew for providing Must Contain Minis with Media Access to their event. I appreciated the pass very much as my goal was to talk to vendors, check out gaming tables, and take photographs. Hopefully everyone enjoyed this quick showcase of the painted Hobbit Miniatures at SkyCon Light 2018.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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