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Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s Brandenburgers

A while ago, I introduced my readers to Brenden’s painting skills through a Showcase of British C15TA Armoured Trucks. Those trucks were done up as transports for a German Brandenburger Platoon that he wanted to use for a tournament. His Brandenburgers are pictured below.

Flames of War Showcase... 15mm Miniatures
Flames of War Showcase. The image above is that of a British Commonwealth Infantry Platoon (BR768) heavily modified to represent a German Brandenburger Platoon.

Because Brenden wanted to represent his German Brandenburger Platoon in captured Australian Uniforms, he took the miniatures from the BR768 blister and did 15mm head-swaps to get a higher number of poses in Australian Slouch Hats. This takes an insane amount of work and it is something that my readers can hopefully appreciate.

Although this platoon could still be used as a British Commonwealth unit, Brenden will be keeping them for his German Army. For those that don’t know, the Brandenburgers were German Special Forces fluent in other languages and ways of life. They relied upon deception to get behind enemy lines and conduct missions of Sabotage and Infiltration.

Below are some close-up pictures of the individual stands in the unit.

Here come the Australian reinforcements to relieve the British.
“Wait a minute!!! They are firing on us! What is going on?”


“Don’t they know we are on the same side? Now they are charging us!”


“Oh… I see. These are not our Commonwealth Allies. Brace yourselves boys. These are the Brandenburgers coming to cut off our supplies.”


“Where did they get all the weapons from? Those are our guns and our grenades! How did they learn to use them so well!!?”


“They got so close that this guy isn’t even worried about using his LMG.”


“It’s not looking good for us. I can’t believe we let the enemy get so close!”


“What the!!!! Is that a flame thrower? Boys, I think we are done for!”


“Aim for the tank oh his back! If you can take the shot boys, take it!”


“These guys seem to be the ones in charge.”


“Yep… There is a guy pointing. He must be the leader of this sneaky Platoon!!!”

If you enjoyed this look at Brenden’s Brandenburgers, please leave some encouragement for him in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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