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Les Grognard Ogres by Wargames Atlantic Painted

Wargames Atlantic is one of my favorite miniature companies and they release miniatures in both hard plastic and on MyMiniFactory at an incredible rate.

Recently, a friend of mine brought three Les Grognard Ogres by Wargames Atlantic to my place for a game of Grimdark Future. If you read my other posts, you might remember these guys from when I talked about Wargames Atlantic’s plans for 2023. You might have seen a review of these miniatures here on MCM too. Today, I want to show you these figures painted.

Tough, but not Invincible

This first photo is from my most recent game of Grimdark Future by One Page Rules. It is not the best shot, but it is an action shot of the Ogres running from Von Ryan Lictors that I was proxying in as Alien Hive models for the game.

A game of Grimdark Future by One Page Rules. Alien Hive versus Traitor Guard

The Hive Aliens made short work out of these Sci-Fi Ogres, so they are by no means invincible. They couldn’t run fast enough to get out of the way of the alien invasion force.

With this action shot out of the way, let’s turn on the photo lights and get some beauty shots of these miniatures.

A Closer Look at the Painted Les Grognard Ogres

Dave painted these Les Grognard Sci-Fi Ogres with GW Contrast Paints. The end result looks really good on the tabletop.

Painted Les Grognard Ogres
Proxy Ogryns by Wargames Atlantic

The photo lamp makes a big difference.

Proxy Ogryn up close

The minis look fantastic.

Sci-Fi Ogre miniature

They minis were 3D Printed in resin. Now, let’s running a number of these photos before wrapping this article up.

Ger personality in this model.
Look at the paint job on that face - awesome!
Les Grognard Ogres for Death Fields by Wargames Atlantic
Ogre with a Ripper Gun
The back of the model

Those are some great looking models!

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was a quick one to take a look at some painted models that a friend let me photograph. These models come from Wargames Atlantic and are available on MyMiniFactory. If you want a direct link to these figures, you can find that here.

Overall, I really like the paint job Dave did on these 3D Printed miniatures.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!