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Wargames Atlantic’s Plans for 2023

Wargames Atlantic has a lot planned for this year – and there’s something for every hobbyist to get excited about!

Wargames Atlantic is a company that I love. They make hard plastic kits that are incredibly affordable to buy. On top of that, the company now offers models for 3D printers, and they continue to be incredibly busy!!!

Since they blasted onto the scene in 2019, they have produced an incredible number of hard plastic kits and have forty more in the pipeline! This company has been releasing at a breakneck speed with the number of plastic kits that they keep pumping out. For this year, they plan to release 12 new plastic kits in addition to their other projects. In a recent fireside chat article, Hudson from Wargames Atlantic let us know exactly what to expect from this company for the year to come.

Let’s start with the big news that should be unveiled on May 8!

A Secret Project?

One thing that I am incredibly excited about is the teases that he has given about an upcoming Kickstarter with another large company. What company that is, I do not yet know. They call this a secret project. The teases lead me to believe that we may be seeing some sort of full traitor guard (or guard) army in hard plastic! This Kickstarter will release 8 kits all at once for a single army. That’s exciting!

The tease below shows us a few things. Whatever the secret project is, we know it will fit into their Sci-Fi Death Fields line of miniatures. The previews look the part to me. From these teases, I see cavalry, heavy weapon teams, regular soldiers, and maybe ogres too. To me, this looks like a tease of four different box sets. That means that there four more kits not yet teased. So awesome!

Wargames Atlantic is Going to Kickstarter. Here is a preview

The Hard Plastic Minis Keep Coming

On top of a soon to be kickstarter for 8 new hard plastic kits, Wargames Atlantic plans to release 12 new kits over 2023. Some of these kits have already been released, but here are more to come. You can help choose which plastic kit comes next from the 40 they have waiting to be published. Check out these details.

Wargames Atlantic has pumped out an incredible amount of plastic and has implemented a new voting system for customers to help decide which item gets released next in hard plastic. To vote, you buy a $5 voucher redeemable on their online store. Each $5 gets you one vote on what to release next and a $5 coupon code to apply to your next purchase. When an item gets to 1000 votes, it will be fast-tracked to be the next released kit. You can redeem your coupon right when you buy the vote or at a later date. Whichever you prefer.

The pace they’re putting new kits out is amazing, especially for a company that started in 2019. Those kits keep coming. Some of the recent ones I am interested in include these ones below!

Fantasy Ogre miniatures by Wargames Atlantic

These Ogres come with options to build them as Fantasy or Sci-Fi Ogres. They would likely go well together with either my Conquistador or Les Grognards army! More on them here.

Wargames Atlantic Ooh Rah miniatures

The Death Fields range of minis are the ones that I have been enjoying the most lately from Wargames Atlantic. There are plenty of different kits available. Here is the Ooh Rah.

Space Nam Miniatures

On this kit, Wargames Atlantic partnered with Reptilian Overlords to bring their Spacenam minis to life as hard plastic figures. They look really cool to me too.

I have not yet seen the kits above in person, but they look cool. I’ve built a lot of Wargames Atlantic kits over the years and love them all. Some of the kits that I have made recently that I really enjoyed include the Les Grognards (both kits) and the Conquistadors.

Conquistadors miniatures

Above we have the description on the back of the Conquistadors box. Fantastic Minis! Review here.

Another favourite kit of mine is the Wargames Atlantic’s Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set below. I want more of these figures and the Les Grognard basic infantry too. Review here. They are a fantastic base of infantry for whatever game you are playing. Right now, I am using them for Grimdark Future by One Page Rules.

Les Grognards Heavy Weapons

Be sure to check out the Wargames Atlantic store for all of their other plastic kits too.

Digital 3D Printer Files Too

Wargames Atlantic has teamed up with MyMiniFactory for a while now and has developed a huge following there. You can join their tribe to get a deal on their new files, or buy the digital sets individually. Right now, Wargames Atlantic plans to put out 11 digital kits a month. That’s a lot of minis! Here are some quick samples of the kits.

Les Grognard Cavalry. I have someone printing me off a group of five of these right now. They look great!

Les Grognard Cavalry

They also offer Ogres with a more Sci-Fi feel than what is currently available in hard plastic. If you are looking for more sci-fi, these renders for a set of minis that they call “The Damned” are exciting!

Those kits above look awesome! A friend plans on building some of the Grognard Ogres for his army. I would like to get some of the Damned printed off to compare them to other minis. They certainly look neat. Now, let’s switch to a look at some historical minis.

Below we have a multi-part historical hero mini. This is Flann Dubh the Irish Chieftain.

Irish Chieftain

Next I want to show you are Wargames Atlantic’s Fantasy Cultists. The renders on this minis look amazing! I want to take a closer look at these in the future too!

Wargames Atlantic Fantasy Cultist miniatures

Wrapping It Up…

There you have it. You are now caught up on all of the news from Wargames Atlantic. Be sure to check out their website and their page on MyMiniFactory for all of the latest on their products.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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