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Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Review

Looking for some Alternative Command and Heavy Support Weapons Teams to represent Imperial Guards in games like Warhammer 40K?

Wargames Atlantic has some excellent models that you can use as proxy Imperial Guards or use in other sci-fi games. In this post, I review the Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support miniatures box set by Wargames Atlantic.

Like all the products by Wargames Atlantic, these are quality 28mm miniatures at a very affordable price. When it comes to value, these guys are the kings. If you need proof, I have two links at the end of the article where you can check the price on the miniatures.

Back to this boxed set. It gives you enough components to make 6 weapons teams comprised of 12 figures and six mounted weapons. You can opt to build command miniatures with this kit instead of weapons teams.

In this review, I will show you what is on the sprues, share some built miniatures and show you a scale comparison image. At the end of the post, there will be a YouTube version of this review for those who would rather watch than read.

If you have time, perhaps you could view both and help me out on YouTube by liking and watching my videos as well as subscribing to the channel.

Before going further, I would like to thank Wargames Atlantic for sending me these miniatures for review. Now, let’s get into it.

Unboxing Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Miniatures

Personally, I really like the box art on this miniatures kit.

Review of Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set - Box Art
Here is the front of the box.
The back of the box
And the back of the box.

This box does not contain any directions or bases. That said, I found the construction of these miniatures very straight forward.

Let me show you what comes in the box.

Sprues of the Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set

These sci-fi miniatures are stylized after historic French soldiers. This set gives you command options that you can use on any of your Grognards soldiers. It also gives you four types of heavy weapons. These weapons include the following options… A Tri-Barrelled Cannon, a Quad Ball Turret, a Heavy Plasma Weapon and a Mortar. You get enough weapon parts to build three of any weapon set in this box.

Here are the Sprues of the Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set.

Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set - Sprue - Les Grognards Weapons Teams
The main sprue of the Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set.
Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set - plastic frame
And the back of the plastic frame.

You get three of these frames in the box set.

The new sprues in the box set
The three Command and Heavy Support sprues that you get in this kit.

You also get two sprues of heads. These are the same heads as what comes in the standard infantry Les Grognards boxed set. There are also alternative heads on the actual command sprue above.

Les Grognards Heads Sprue
You also get two of these sprues in the boxed set.

Using these, you can make a good variety of specialist soldiers and Heavy Weapons Teams.

Here is what I built with this kit.

My Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Weapons Teams

Personally, I found these miniatures very straight forward to build even without directions.

I made three mortar teams, a tri-barreled cannon, a quad ball turret, a heavy plasma weapon and a commander. Because this set comes with just 12 bodies, I raided my Les Grognards Infantry set for an extra body. Wargames Atlantic designed the parts to be compatible.

The Commander

I built this guy with a Power Fist and Standard. We can assume he has a gun hidden in his uniform. He will make a fine proxy Lord Commissar.

A proxy Lord Commissar - Miniature from Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support boxed set
A Commander or Lord Commissar that I made with this boxed set.

The Mortar Teams

Check out these weapons teams! I love them!

Proxy Mortar Teams for Warhammer 40K - Imperial Guard
My three mortar teams.
Mortar Team
Wargames Atlantic designed some awesome looking weapons!
Heavy Weapons Teams - Wargames Atlantic
Three of the bodies you get will be sitting. They did this so you could fit a solider into the ball turret. I show that weapon further on in the article.
proxy Vox Caster and Mortar for astra militarium - Wargames Atlantic Command and Heavy Support Weapon
Here, I made one of the soldiers with the communication device. You get three of these packs in this kit. They would work well as vox casters in your normal infantry teams, but I wanted to use one of them with my mortar teams.

While I mounted all three of my mortars on tripods, you could mount them on carriages. I mounted the one below on a carriage temporarily for demonstration purposes.

28mm auto mortar on a carriage
You can mount three weapons on carriages and three on tripods. Which ones you mount on which is up to you.

The Tri-Barreled Canon

Wargames Atlantic calls this gun their Tri-barreled Canon. Really, it looks like an autocannon proxy to me.

Proxy Autocannon for 40K
As a note, the gunners body came from the basic infantry box set for Les Grognards. They work well together. Everything in this post except this one body and the bases come in the Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support boxed set.
Wargames Atlantic tri-barreled cannon weapons team - Command and Heavy Support
This is a really nice kit. If you are looking for weapons on carriages, these could work for you.

The Plasma Weapon

This Plasma Weapon looks like a proxy Lascannon to me.

Proxy lascannon for astra militarum - Imperial Guard - Command and Heavy Support
A Plasma Weapon Weapons Team.
Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Miniatures - Plasma Weapon, AKA Lascannon
See any heavy vehicles to take out? This team has it covered.

The Quad Ball Turret

This weapon is the most unique in the whole kit. If you modify it to aim into the air or mount it on the back of a truck, I think it would make a fabulous anti-air weapon. As designed though, I think this is your rapid fire weapon of the kit. You could use it as a proxy heavy bolter team.

A 28mm Quad gun from Wargames Atlantic Command and Heavy Support boxed set for Les grognards
This is a very unique weapons platform. Again, you could mount it on a carriage or a tripod right out of the box. I’ve also seen some interesting pictures online of people modifying these into some sort of small vehicle.
Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Weapons - Quad Ball Gun - AKA Proxy Heavy Bolter
This gun chassis certainly looks like no miniature kit that I have seen before. While I feel a slight bomber turret inspiration, it has a look all its own.
Wargames Atlantic Weapons Team - Death Fields
I gave the gunners teammate two pointing hands. That way, you can tell he is in charge!

Overall, it is a very neat miniature. Now, let me show you how they measure up to another brand’s miniatures.

Scale Comparison Wargames Atlantic Heavy Weapons Teams vs. GW

Scale Comparison - Games Workshop vs Wargames Atlantic - Warhammer 40K - Command and Heavy Support options
For the purpose of scale comparison here are Wargames Atlantic’s Les Grognards miniatures alongside GW miniatures. I have a Primaris Space Marine and Chaos Cultist up there. The unpainted miniatures are by Wargames Atlantic.

The Video Review of Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set

If you want to take an even deeper dive into these miniatures, I have a video review below. If the video does not work on this site, the link to it is here.

My Video Review of Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support Boxed Set by Wargames Atlantic.

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Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this review of Les Grognards Command and Heavy Support miniatures boxed set by Wargames Atlantic. These miniatures have a unique look and feel all their own. Historically themed after French armies of the past, these miniatures would work great as a 28mm proxy Imperial Guard army for Warhammer 40,000.

A look at all the minis I made with this boxed set (plus one extra Les Grognards body).

You could also use them for other 28mm Sci-Fi games as well. Personally, I like the miniatures and between this box and the standard infantry box set for the Les Grognards and I have a patrol detachment worth roughly 300 to 350 points.

If you are looking for value, look into Wargames Atlantic.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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