You are currently viewing Miniature Spiders Attack in 28mm!!!

Miniature Spiders Attack in 28mm!!!

Recently I spotted some new preview pictures from Wargames Atlantic of some really cool looking spiders on Facebook. These miniatures were so cool, I just had to share. It looks like you will be able to make them as Generic, Sci-Fi or Fantasy models. If you are looking for miniature spiders, this post is for you.

As a note, all of the images in this post come from Wargames Atlantic.

Wargames Atlantic

If you have not come across Wargames Atlantic, let me tell you a bit about them. I first noticed them just over a year ago. At that time, they sold their Skeleton Warriors and Raumjäger Infantry kits. Not a lot of options, and some interesting choices being of one faction for two different genres. As time went on, they added new ranges and kits to their collection. The company is certainly worth a look if you haven’t visited them before.

Eventually they released this set of Fantasy Halflings for 28mm games. They look pretty good to me and the box comes with 40 figures. That is a lot for just $34.95 USD. I would say that this makes Wargames Atlantic the new “value” miniatures company to keep an eye on.

40 multi-part hard plastic 28mm Halfling Militia miniatures for a great price. Wargames Atlantic.
The box art from Wargames Atlantic’s Halfling Militia.

At this time, Wargames Atlantic set up six lines of figures. You can buy WW1 Germans, Fantasy Halflings or Skeletons, Ancient Persians, Dark Age Irish Warriors and two different Science Fiction kits. That is a vast variety of figures. They expand their lines rapidly and today’s post looks at a new miniature set that Wargames Atlantic started previewing.

Check out these spiders!

The Miniature Spiders by Wargames Atlantic

So far, we have seen a few pictures released of the Miniature Spiders by Wargames Atlantic.

A prototype miniature spider on a 28mm base.
This is one of their test spiders on a 50mm base.
Half a box of Wargames Atlantic's Spider Miniatures.
A whole group of miniature spiders. I hear that this might be just half of the contents of the Spiders boxed set.

I am not sure about you, but I really like the look of these miniatures. Wargames Atlantic then released some new images to make these models even more interesting.


Now, I don’t know exactly what will come on the sprues in the box – so in some ways this news piece is also a rumours piece. I think that these options below might come in add-on boxes, but you never know. It could come in the core box too. We will know closer to the time of release.

A 28mm miniature goblin rider on top of a spider.
Check it out. A Goblin on a Spider. I love it and think it looks great. I am pretty sure that this means that we will see Wargames Atlantic releasing Orcs and Goblins too.
An upcoming Wargames Atlantic 28mm Goblin.
It turns out that a Goblin Warband is in the works. Above is a preview image of that. I really like this figure.
A science fiction Miniature Spider with a gun and cybernetic parts.
The same spider as a Sci-Fi model. Notice the cybernetic parts and gun. Cool!

Again, we don’t know what is in the boxes yet. Maybe those sci-fi options are in the base box, or maybe they are an add-on. Time will tell. That Goblin Rider is certainly an add on or a separate kit in the works. My guess is it will be an add-on or a simple way to kit bash two kits together.

So cool!

Fun Images

Scouring through Wargames Atlantic’s Facebook and website News Feed, I found some fun pictures of the model in use. Here I share those images.

Halflings take on a miniature spider in this skirmish game setting
Halflings take on a single gigantic spider.
Raujager Infantry take on a Giant Spider with a gun.
Death Fields – Wargame Atlantic’s Raumjäger Infantry take on a cybernetic spider.
The same spider against some other cool science fiction miniatures.
Death Fields – Wargame Atlantic’s Les Grognards take on the same cybernetic spider. How tough is this guy!?

These images are so much fun. I am really looking forward to seeing what all Wargames Atlantic comes up with. They have been growing so fast!

Scale Comparisons

To show the size of the spider miniatures, the company has this scale comparison image.

A 28mm scale comparison of the spider vs Frostgrave miniatures, Wargames Atlantic Miniatures, and other miniatures.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you the brand of all of these miniatures in this image that I found. I recognize some Frostgrave miniatures in there and some Wargames Atlantic figures in there too.

Hopefully you recognize some of the figures too so you can get a sense of the size on these spiders.

Wrapping it up…

I have to say that Wargames Atlantic is previewing some really cool kits of late. I am very excited to see what they come out with as a company. They continue to release new kits at a very fast right and I think that speed is only going to increase. I think these guys are the new company to watch if you want quality miniatures at very affordable prices. If you haven’t checked them out yet, give them a look.

I believe these spider miniatures may be released for August.

Finally, I would like to give one more shout out. While going through the pictures on Wargames Atlantic, I noticed that a number of the painted miniatures and photos were by Matthew Leahy of Dr. Mathia’s Miniature Extravaganza.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Pete

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m always interested in another source of minis. I just ordered their Faun war band. I have some goat men from Gary Hunt miniatures, and some satyrs from Footsore’s Mortal Gods kickstarter. I am putting together an all-goat war band for Frostgrave (which I got into because of your posts, so thanks for that).

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      That’s awesome! Hopefully we can see some pictures of those when you are all done. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Andrés F.

    I’m unsure about the goblin riders, but those spiders look *very* cool. And I really hope they come with scifi bits included in the basic box.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      I have heard since writing the article that the sci-fi bits do come as part of the base box. The mount pieces for the Goblin riders will come in a different boxed set.

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